July 7, 2020

College takes applications for 10 Student Life scholarships

There is a great demand for student scholarship awards on the College’s campus year after year, according to Gem Perkins, coordinator at the Office of the dean of Student Life.

This year the College is giving out eight awards to a select few. The deadline for the scholarship application was Feb.14. The decision will be delayed this year because of the snow, but the Office of Student Life guarantees it will be made before Spring Break.

Last year, the applicants for the eight scholarships totaled $139 and this year the total is expected to be higher. The Office of Student Life will not total the final number of applicants for 2003 until the announcement of this year’s recipients.

The Elizabeth A. Allen Award is a financial scholarship of $200. This award is given to a freshman, sophomore or junior in need of financial assistance and who demonstrates high scholarship and value to the College. It is going to be given to only one applicant this year.

The John Wandishin Scholarship is a monetary award of $500 that is awarded to a student who exhibits the qualities of honor, courage, leadership and service. This scholarship is named after a former president of the Student Government Association (SGA), who successfully combined his work and leadership responsibilities with zeal and natural ability.

The purpose of this scholarship is to help those with the potential to make positive contributions to the College’s community. This student may not necessarily receive great public attention, but is making significant efforts in his current position using his available resources. The award keeps a campaign promise to give the SGA president’s stipend to the winning student. This award is also going to be given to just one applicant this year.

The Memorial Scholarship is a financial scholarship award of $200. This year, unlike most other years, it is being awarded to three students. The award will be given to any freshman, sophomore, junior or senior who fits the profile for financial need and academic merit.

The Memorial Scholarship, first awarded in 1960, is given in memory of the students and faculty killed in the bus accident of Oct. 1959.

The Dorothy Taylor Haas Award is a monetary award of $700. This award is given to a graduating senior with a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

The student must also demonstrate a commitment to the College through his involvement in campus and/or community events during their undergraduate career. The award also recognizes strong leadership skills, character and great promise for the future.

The Annie F. Stout Scholarship for Graduate Study is a $120 monetary award given to a graduating senior intending to pursue further study in a college, technical or professional school. Character and capability are also considered.

The Kate D. Stout Award is given to a graduating senior and has a monetary value of $600. This award is given to a student intending to pursue further study in a college, technical or professional school.

The Harold Eickhoff Award for Outstanding First-Year Student is given on behalf of Dr. Harold Eickhoff who was the last president of the College. He was instrumental in developing and implementing the First-Year Experience Program.

This year’s award ceremony will take place on April 13, in the Allen Drawing Room. The ceremony includes an address by Mary-Elaine Perry, the dean of Student Life at the College and the presentation of awards by the president, R. Barbara Gitenstein.

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