July 8, 2020

Cage ignites ‘Matchstick’

September 23, 2003 Kate Bernyk 0

There is something attractive about movies that are about “good” guys who do “bad” things. Brad Pitt won us over as a psycho-second personality in “Fight Club,” George Clooney stole our hearts and a lot of money in “Ocean’s Eleven” and the drug-dealing coke-addict portrayed by Johnny Depp in “Blow” made us wonder why he had to go to jail. […]

Lawrenceville eateries spice up Main Street

September 23, 2003 Casie Wexler 0

The most unappealing thing about neighboring Lawrenceville is the gated prep school for the rich and “gifted.”

Still, although it is easy to be put off by high school kids with Vera Bradley bags and Izod Polo shirts, don’t pass up the better qualities of Main Street. […]

Trenton gallery and school open for visitors

September 23, 2003 Kristin Bodine 0

Many students at the College seem to have the mistaken idea that there is nothing worth doing in Trenton. However, those few who venture inside the city further than Kat Man Du will find that there are unexpected cultural treasures within. For example, the art scene in Trenton is more vibrant than one might expect. […]

Mall’s fair in the game of hit or miss

September 23, 2003 John Kell 0

So you want to go shopping? Me too. Grab your daddy’s credit card (I know I’ve got mine) and let’s head out to the greatest and most popular shopping destinations – places where many students can find their favorite stores.

#4 MarketFair

Well . […]

A community of writers

September 23, 2003 Diana Ling 0

Creative writers on campus will soon have a space of their own, if Professor Catie Rosemurgy’s Writing Communities class has anything to say about it. The course is being offered for the first time this semester.

In addition to studying literature and poetry, students in the four-credit class are also involved in the business and marketing aspects of published writing, such as public relations, author information and facilities and contact information for events. […]

A turning point for The Boss

September 23, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

We’re all from New Jersey here, and Bruce Springsteen is our native son. We grew up with his pure bred rock anthems, from the punch out of

“Born to Run” to the swells of his most recent release, “The Rising.” Springsteen is part of our heritage. But his 1982 release “Nebraska” signaled a departure from the typical brassy, energetic rock we’ve come to expect from the Boss. […]

The Man in Black is gone, but not forgotten

September 23, 2003 Dan Brady 0

The late Johnny Cash embodied the spirit of American music. Cash’s rebellious attitude and individual style challenged the limits applied to country music and helped define a new generation of artists.

The clearest example of this was his style of dress. […]

Be not afraid — fear inspires professor’s memoir

September 23, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

When Jo Kadlecek went for a walk on the beach with her husband one day, she realized that she was walking amidst the two things she had feared most in life – the ocean and men. That is when Kadlecek decided to write about her experience, which later turned into the first chapter of her book, “Fear. […]

Cline breaks record; men take first place

September 16, 2003 Lauren Kidd 0

The College’s men’s cross-country team ignited its season by taking first place in its fall opener and setting an individual course record. The women posted a third place finish at the Connecticut College Invitational at Harkness Memorial Park on Saturday. […]

Men’s Rugby places second, wins silver cup

September 16, 2003 Heather Altz 0

The College’s Men’s Rugby Club participated in the Liberty Tournament, hosted by Media Rugby Club on Sept. 13, and placed first in their division and second overall, taking home the silver cup.

In the first game, the Lions played the University of Scranton Norsemen, defeating them 7-0. […]

Klepacki crushes Kean competition

September 16, 2003 Andrew Grant 0

The year could not have started out much better for the women’s tennis team.

The women started off their dual-match season with an impressive 9-0 win over New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) opponent Kean University on Tuesday. The win was the Lions’ 96th straight NJAC victory. […]

Julio brothers are ‘model’ Lion athletes

September 16, 2003 copress 0

Senior football captain Jeremy Julio looks back over his College career with nostalgia. Standing in the locker room before practice, Julio recalls the many faces that he’ll miss – faces that he may not see again for some time after graduation this spring.

But, if plans work out for Jeremy and his twin brother Jason, it’s likely that we’ll see their faces again and again. […]

College breaks losing streak with pair of wins

September 16, 2003 Lindsay Scarborough 0

The men’s soccer team’s eventful weekend left plenty of reasons to celebrate. A game-winning goal in double overtime and Head coach George Nazario’s 100th win made this one of the most exciting competitions in recent years for the Lions.

The College sustained 2-1 win over the Manhattanville College Valiants. […]

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