August 4, 2020

Church critics fail to understand the causes of abuse

March 2, 2005 Todd Carter 0

When the first priest sex scandal was exposed, it lead to a chain of events that was nearly catastrophic for the Catholic church. An endless stream of people came out of the woodwork to accuse the Church of hiding many known sex scandals. Caught off guard, the church had many sins to account for, but not nearly as many as an average observer would think. […]

Constitution discriminated against American immigrants

March 2, 2005 Jeff Pillar 0

In the United States, we have terrible problems regarding equality. Politicians and outspoken Americans like to point fingers at each other when diagnosing the causes of discrimination in our otherwise extraordinary country.

More often than not, actual people are to blame for their prejudices and attitudes toward others who are different. […]

Global democracy is a noble but flawed proposition

March 2, 2005 Mike McCaffery 0

Strong and clear vision is necessary for leadership. Great leaders are those who state their vision clearly and then execute around it. For President Bush, the spread of democracy throughout the world has been the defining vision of his presidency.

A glance at recent world events proves that Bush’s dream is working out extraordinarily well. […]

War myths block the path to an honest assessment

March 2, 2005 Zac Goldstein 0

“The first casualty when war comes is truth.” These words were famously coined by Hiram Johnson, a progressive Republican, more than 80 years ago. They have since been restated as “the first casualty of war is truth” and used by Democrats, Socialists and all others who oppose combat. […]

Agreement allows community college students to transfer to College

March 2, 2005 Tim Fox 0

The College is in the process of signing a transfer articulation agreement with the County College of Morris (CCM) that will allow engineering students at the community college to transfer to the College and earn a four-year degree.

The agreement will give more New Jersey students an opportunity to study engineering at the College. […]

Generations mix at public issues summit

March 2, 2005 Landry Shelley 0

Students and local residents from different age groups came together to discuss Americans’ role in the world at a public issues summit hosted by the College last Wednesday night.

The summit differed from others held in the past by touching on international issues rather than focusing solely on local issues. […]

Art history professor awarded Millard Meiss publication grant

March 2, 2005 Joseph Garaventi 0

Deborah Hutton, assistant professor of art history, was awarded the Millard Meiss Publication Grant by the College Art Association (CAA) for the publication of her book manuscript, “The Art of the Court of Bijapur.”

The book, a revised version of Hutton’s Ph.D. dissertation, examines the architecture and paintings of the kingdom of Bijapur, a Muslim-ruled empire in India during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is set to be published by Indiana University Press in Fall 2006. […]

SGA: VP bill tabled due to time constraints

March 2, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

The vice president of equity and diversity bill was tabled due to time constraints at last Wednesday’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.

Thirteen minutes remained in the meeting when SGA representatives on the speaker list finally began debating the bill. […]

Cop Shop

March 2, 2005 Katelyn McCormick 0

On Sunday Feb. 6 at 1:55 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Cromwell Hall to investigate a report of broken glass and blood in the second-floor main stairwell. At 1:56 a.m. Campus Police responded to a call of a white male entering Travers Hall, bleeding profusely from his hands. […]

Alumnus brings worldly wisdom from peace scholarship back to College

March 2, 2005 Jason Cianci 0

After spending the past two years in Chile and Argentina as a Rotary World Peace Scholar, College alumnus Conor Fortune came back to the College last Tuesday to tell of his experiences in Latin America.

Shortly after earning his degree in philosophy and journalism in 2001, Fortune was chosen as one of 70 Rotary International World Peace and Conflict Resolution Fellows from a field of 2,500 applicants from around the globe. […]

Recycling rumors trashed–College hugs trees

March 2, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

Angela Chou, freshman biology and elementary education major, recycles even though she heard that the College does not. Since her Columbian roommate is not familiar with recycling, at the trash shoot Chou carefully sorts plastics out of her garbage bag.

“It’s just something I was raised with in my family,” she said. […]

College expands wireless network

March 2, 2005 Tammy Tibbetts 0

It’s Wednesday afternoon in Brower Student Center and Al Berry, sophomore mechanical engineering major, is sitting on a couch, tapping away at the keyboard of his laptop and tracing his finger on its touch pad to move the cursor. His AOL Instant Messenger Buddy List fills the far right side of his screen and he’s just about to tackle a lab report or possibly check his e-mail. […]

Equipment stolen from Bliss

March 2, 2005 Jenna Lerro 0

Four video projectors, each worth approximately $4,500, were stolen from Bliss Hall on Feb. 15.

Though Campus Police would not specify how the theft is suspected to have occurred, the building is locked through the Optim security system, Ray Nesci, Professional Services Specialist of Campus Police, said. […]

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