August 8, 2020

Introduction to leaders in student government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a body of elected student leaders. According to their website,, “(SGA) is a group of students working to represent and advocate for” undergraduate students at the College.

SGA works to address student concerns through its committee and general body meetings. SGA also serves as the students’ voice and advocate.

The SGA is made up of three types of members. The highest ranking members sit on the executive board.

SGA Executive Board Members

Executive President

Christine Cullen

Vice President of Administration and Finance

Mike Levy

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Steven Link

Vice President of Student Services

Chris Rindosh

Vice President of Legal and Governmental Affairs

Michael Strom

Vice President of Community Relations

Stephanie Maffa

Vice President of Equity and Diversity

Kamaria Byrd

Student Trustee

Daria Silvestro

Alternate Student Trustee

Jenna Klubnic

Below the executive board is the legislature. These members represent specific academic schools and class years and advocate on their half.

Below them are unelected associate members who help highlight student concerns.

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