August 8, 2020

Alternate Student Trustee

Drew Rausa

Drew Rausa, currently a senator at-Large in the SGA, plans on maintaining “a strong student voice in all aspects of the term.”

“I intend to bring the voice of the students through in an effective and appropriate manner that cannot be ignored,” Rausa said.

Rausa has served as a member of the Academic Affairs committee throughout the year.

On the committee, Rausa has worked to incorporate faculty advising into the tenure process.

He assisted in the establishment of ProfRecord and has “advocated on students’ behalf on issues such as budget cuts restoration.”

In addition to SGA, Rausa works as an ambassador and is a member of the Residence Life staff as a Community Advisor. Rausa is also a member of club tennis and the Pre-law society.

“The position requires a driven individual with a comprehensive knowledge of the College who is realistic in what he is fighting for, but has the communication skills and the will to voice what needs to be heard,” Rausa said. “I am confident that (my co-workers) would describe me as just that person.”

Michael Strom

Michael Strom, current vice president of Legal and Governmental Affairs, has “led all SGA efforts for student lobbying,” having met with more than 20 New Jersey state legislators this year for the restoration of budget cuts made to higher education. Strom is also in the process of organizing the statewide Higher Education Rally, to be held on May 3.

If elected, Strom will “use connections from the position to advocate for higher education in a continual, planned out manner.” Strom said he will work with the Garden State Student Alliance (GSSA), a council of student trustees from all NJ public institutions of higher learning, to “organize statewide initiatives” to create “a comprehensive strategy for restoring funding.”

As the community service chair for Phi Alpha Delta fraternity, Strom organized and led a housing restoration project in New Orleans over winter break.

“I have spent a year on the executive board and (learned) students’ concerns by facing them firsthand,” Strom said. “Also, as the head of the committee which organized all lobbying efforts for the College, I feel I am particularly qualified to represent the College in the GSSA.”

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