August 8, 2020

Readers mix laughter and intensity at final SRS

May 2, 2007 James Queally 0

This semester’s final edition of the Student Reading Series included ad-libs about the writers, one writer being damned to hell during his introduction, the entire crowd rising to take a picture while making ludicrous facial expressions and a reference to projectile vomit. […]

Bright Eyes: Have they ‘gone country’?

Bright Eyes


4.5 out of 5 stars

In his most recent work, “Cassadaga,” Bright Eyes frontman and principal singer/songwriter Connor Oberst has created a body of songs that, in true folk rock tradition, epitomize conflicted American existence in times of social tumult. […]

Professor by day, filmmaker by night

May 2, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

The political science department of the College may seem like an unlikely place to find an independent filmmaker. However, William Ball, professor of political science, has been creating short films since 2003. Ball’s films have been featured in numerous independent film festivals, including the Trenton Film Festival, the Cape May NJ State Film Festival and the Delaware Valley Film Festival. […]

Froshstock sends sound waves through freshman dorm

May 2, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

Given the pleasant weather of Saturday, the main lounge of the Travers and Wolfe dormitories seemed like an unlikely gathering place. Ultimately, students were drawn in from games of Frisbee and outdoor studying by the powerful sounds of rock ‘n’ roll emanating through the lounge’s open doors. […]


‘Obsession’ a bad choice to show

I would like to condemn the students who attended the College Republicans’ “Islamofascism Awareness Day” movie and voice my disappointment in the College Republicans for showing “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” an ignorant and unintelligent documentary on the issue of Islam and terrorism. […]

After three years, just shoot me

May 2, 2007 Eve Roytshteyn 0

I think I’m the only person to ever join the Signal staff by accident. And maybe the only person crazy enough to keep the same position for three years.

Early sophomore year, I was eating in Eickhoff and minding my own business when a freshman year floormate passed by and said The Signal was looking for a photo editor and I should apply. […]

This editorial will be loved by so many ladies

May 2, 2007 Andrew Grant 0

The Signal has been a part of my life since the very beginning of freshman year. As time passed, it devoured more and more of my time every week.

This semester, I’ve probably spent an average of 14 hours in our office each Monday and Tuesday. Add that to the significant amount of time spent here on Sundays and Wednesdays, and I realize that an entire day of every week is spent in the dungeon, whose defining characteristics include no windows, a squishy couch, slow computers and days-old Italian food strewn about everywhere. […]

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