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Lions Around the Dorm

November 28, 2007 Signal Editorial Staff 0

With one spot left in the championship round, tensions are high at the Around the Dorm headquarters. Who will snag a chance to be crowned the AtD king or queen? Will it be the No. 1 Duncan Slobodzian, No. 4 Lauren Kohout or No. 7 Steve Cohen? Arts & Entertainment editor James Queally will have the final say on who advances toward greatness and whose shot at a title has ended. […]

Lions compete in Minnesota

November 28, 2007 Leeann Weiner 0

On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Lions traveled to Northfield, Minn., to compete in the 2007 NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships at St. Olaf College.

Winning the men’s title was New York University (128 points) while the College placed 28th with 577 points. […]

Rugby player named to all-star team

November 28, 2007 Kristen Lord 0

Junior rugby player Michael Brad Forbes was selected to play on the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union All-Star Team last week, making him only the seventh Lion in the program’s history to be given this honor.

Forbes endured two full days of tryouts earlier in the month, competing side-by-side with 42 other players representing 13 Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU) colleges and universities. […]

Lions victorious at Fall Brawl

November 28, 2007 copress 0

The College continued its winning ways, crowning four champions at the Ursinus College Fall Brawl on Sunday, Nov. 18.

The first title was won by No. 7 senior Ray Sarinelli (133 pounds). Sarinelli won all four matches, raising his season record to 10-0.

Sophomore Tyler Branham (149 pounds) won his class decidedly with an 11-0 major decision over Muhlenberg College’s Rob Klein. […]

Lions go 2-for-3 in weekend tournament

November 28, 2007 copress 0

The women’s basketball team participated in the 20th annual Marymount University Tip-Off Classic in Arlington, Va., winning in the first two rounds before dropping the championship game to host Marymount.

The Lions, coming off two huge victories, took the loss to the Saints 60-48. […]

Finding tough competition on the court

November 28, 2007 Bobby Olivier 0

Although a few bumps in the road have led the basketball team astray, the hard work of a new coach and a team that knows how to win is sending the Lions in the right direction. The College recorded its first victory of the season on Tuesday, Nov. 20, defeating Keystone College by a close margin of 69-67. […]

Semifinal shutout ends Lions’ season

November 28, 2007 Justin Jez 0

The women’s soccer team’s perfect season came to an end this weekend as it fell 2-0 to the Falcons of Messiah College 23-0 in the NCAA Division III Semifinal game.

Finishing the season with an overall record of 21-1-1, the Lions failed to reach the NCAA Championship for the first time in three years. […]

Don’t go home

November 28, 2007 Ron Golan 0

There has been quite a nasty trend occurring on campus, primarily affecting the freshman class. This trend is unlike any trend seen at the College for many years, perhaps not since the College was Trenton State College.

When I visited four years ago, my ambassador assured me there was plenty to do on the weekends because everyone stays. […]

Support a tougher stance on crime

November 28, 2007 Paul Harris Jr. 0

We need to rid our municipal streets of the deviant element. Our streets are plagued with drug dealing, rape, aggravated assault, car jacking, murder, brawls, burglary, larceny/theft and arson. Some municipalities have very little of the aforementioned acts of deviance while others spend large portions of their city budgets on law enforcement. […]

Black Friday greed makes Thanksgiving meaningless

November 28, 2007 Vidya Subramanian 0

It feels a little sickening to recognize the glint of greed in shoppers’ eyes as they wait in line for seven, eight, even nine truly frigid hours to buy something they most likely do not truly need. That high definition, flat-screen plasma television that must occupy their living room. […]

Civil liberties violated during wartime

November 28, 2007 Daniel Uffleman 29

Have we forgotten why the American Revolution was fought? I think many have, so let me refresh their memories. King George was slowly chipping away at the colonists’ civil liberties. The Stamp Act was passed and required all legal documents, permits, commercial contracts, newspapers, wills and essentially everything else in the British colonies to carry a tax stamp of the king. […]

Yao delivers enlightening Buddhism lecture

November 28, 2007 Jess Cheng 0

What comes to mind when we think of Buddhism? Is it the monks? Is it the monasteries?

Whatever our preconceived notions are when we think of Buddhism, they are certainly not of a kind-looking man in a neat suit giving a lecture in a college auditorium.

Yet this was the exact scene on Nov. […]

New lead in case of missing sign

November 28, 2007 Megan DeMarco 0

A Domino’s Pizza delivery sign was found in a room in Travers Hall on Nov. 4 at 3:20 a.m. A Campus Police officer was dispatched to Travers on report of a fire alarm sounding off.

When the officer arrived at the room the officer did not observe any signs of smoke or fire. […]

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