August 15, 2020

Club Field Hockey ends season with Elite 8 run at National Championships

By Karissa Hearn

Lion’s Club Field Hockey finished their astounding season with a fight for a spot in the “Elite 8” teams in the National Club Field Hockey Championship in Virginia Beach. The girls finished the regular season as North Division champs, with a winning record of 10-1. They are ranked No. 2 overall in the National Club Field Hockey league.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Berger
Photo courtesy of Barbara Berger

Last weekend, the girls went up against the rest of the top 14 teams in the league. The College was the only NCAA Division III team to compete. “That is huge. We are ranked with big names like UDEL, Penn State and Northeastern,” senior captain Maria Mascia said.

This season, the captains have strived to balance both intensity and fun. According to captain Amanda Berger, all the players worked hard to improve their game, both physically and mentally.

“It was apparent on the field,” she said.

Captain and club president Elizabeth Trainor added, “Since day one we have just been working on fundamental skills and working together as a team,”

“The chemistry between team members this year was much different than that of the past,” Berger said.

The captains made sure that the younger team members were involved.

“We wanted everyone to have a voice on the team, regardless of age. We are very happy that many of our freshman and sophomores on the team have stepped up big time this season, becoming some of the strongest leaders on our team,” Mascia said.

All three captains will be graduating this May.

“As long as they keep working hard, I can see (the College) Club Field Hockey definitely becoming a presence in the league and standing toe-to-toe with the bigger schools like Maryland, UDEL, and Penn State,” Trainor said.

Since Trainor joined the Club Field Hockey team, she was determined to make it to the National championship, and this season, her dream became a reality.

The National Field Hockey Championship tournament was single-elimination. The College lost to the University or Virginia 4-2. UVA went on to win the championship, and the College was the only team to score points against them.

“So although it was heartbreaking to lose, I am very proud of my team and everything we’ve accomplished,” Trainor said.

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