July 9, 2020

Cameras may be installed

eye_on_sgaThe Student Government Association (SGA) heard a proposal regarding a plan to install surveillance equipment in classrooms, labs and parking garages at the College over the next several years at its general body meeting on Wednesday Feb. 17.

Consultants from Corporate Security Services, Inc. (CSS) of Edison, N.J. spoke to SGA members about the prospect of implementing a security equipment overhaul that would replace the current surveillance in place at the College with new security cameras and install cameras in areas currently without them.

The plan would be put into effect in the hopes of preventing crime, particularly in those areas with problematic histories of theft.

“If it’s a building or area that’s had a history of losses, that obviously will be assessed first,” said William McKool, vice president of business development and consulting at CSS.

John Collins, the chief of Campus Police and director of campus security at the College, also spoke about the potential changes. He emphasized that the plan is still under construction and that students are encouraged to contact him with information about areas they feel are “hot spots” for theft on campus that could benefit from the installation of a security camera.

Though the plan is still in its infancy, Collins hopes to see it put it into effect over the next several years.

The SGA also welcomed one new club to campus at Wednesday’s meeting. The Collegiate Chamber of Commerce (CCC), an organization focused on providing networking opportunities for current and future entrepreneurs, partnered with the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce to attend monthly luncheons in hopes of providing the club’s 30-plus members with experience networking while still in college. The club also holds bi-weekly meetings.

SGA members were pleased by the organization’s goals and current operational success. It was passed by a unanimous vote.

“This club would be a great addition for all those interested in networking,” Gabrielle Fuller, sophomore interactive multimedia major, said.

Namrta Bhurjee, who spoke on behalf of the CCC, was thrilled with SGA’s decision.

“I’m very excited,” the senior accounting major said. “I’m passionate about this club, and I hope we grow to 40 members from the 30 we currently have.”

Valerie Bonczek, senior accounting major and member of the CCC who also appeared before the general body, was just as enthusiastic about the club’s passage.

“I’m ecstatic,” Bonczek said. “This club offers something for everyone.”

Also discussed were the promising results of senior week registration, which saw 575 seniors put in their names for participation.

“We’re very excited,” Magda Minetas, SGA advisor, said. “It was much higher than anticipated.”

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