August 13, 2020

Six goals give Lions’ postseason hopes life

October 23, 2012 Peter Fiorilla 0

In a game that sometimes resembled an advertisement for the men’s soccer team rather than a competitive athletic event, the Lions ran rampant over New Jersey City University on Saturday, Oct. 20th., with a 6-3 victory keeps their faint playoff hopes alive heading into Wednesday’s season finale. […]

Campus Style

Ditch the outdated Halloween costumes — we’ve all seen your rendition of Nicki Minaj 50 times over since 2010. Your bronzer can only take the cast of “Jersey Shore” so far. Update your look this year with some of these clever costume ideas. […]

College tries to balance with Ewing residents

October 23, 2012 Colleen Murphy 0

Loud noises, littered yards, trashed streets and unkempt recyclables that some Ewing Township residents experience have caused a strained relationship between members of Ewing and the College community over the past years, according to Ewing Township Business Administrator Jim McManimon. […]

Wireless address

October 23, 2012 Natalie Kouba 0

New Chief Information Officer Jerry Waldron visited Student Government at its weekly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 17, to review and discuss the College’s recent wireless technology improvements. […]

#Modernism exhibit

October 23, 2012 Natalie Kouba 0

From magazine sculptures and experimental video clips to digital prints and acrylic paintings, the senior art exhibit, “#Modernism,” in the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building on Friday, Oct. 19 was a diverse display of seniors’ recent work. […]

Indian art exhibition touches on many themes

October 23, 2012 Signal Contributor 1

Bright vibrant colors came to life for art enthusiasts during the “Goddess, Lion, Peasant, Priest: Modern and Contemporary Indian Art” exhibition on Friday, Oct. 19 in the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building. The exhibition was just one part of the all-day event celebrating various contemporary creative achievements by Indian artists. […]

Neon Trees cancel

October 23, 2012 Natalie Kouba 0

Neon Trees will not be performing at the Fall Concert due to “an unforeseen personal circumstance,” but the concert will still take place on that date. Cold War Kids is now scheduled to perform with “electro-pop sensation” Dev. […]

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