August 13, 2020

Diversity benefits academic experience

February 26, 2013 Signal Contributor 23

Countless students of various ethnicities, seated in a circular formation to inspire feelings of unity, gathered in the Brower Student Center last Tuesday, Feb. 19 for a presentation on a school-sponsored diversity report, part of the Negro Achievement Week activities on campus. […]

Addicting series ‘breaks’ new ground

February 26, 2013 Thalia Ortiz 0

When I first heard about the television series “Breaking Bad” from my family and friends, I was urged to give the show a chance. I didn’t understand what the big deal was and thought it had too much gory violence and action for my taste. After catching up on it over winter break, I realized that the show is so much more than this and that I was completely wrong. With each season better than the last, AMC brings viewers a television phenomenon that is difficult to pass up. […]

Program builds friendships, success

February 26, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

For many young adults with intellectual disabilities, attending a college or university simply isn’t within reach. However, the career and community studies program at the College gives these students the opportunity to attend classes and participate in campus activities as any other college student would. […]

Lacrosse ready to get back to winning

February 26, 2013 Peter Fiorilla 0

Coming into another season with contender-caliber extending beyond control of the conference, the women’s lacrosse team aims to continue its NJAC dominance and reach its 29th consecutive NCAA tournament under head coach Sharon Pfluger this spring.

Basketball falls in NJAC tournament

February 26, 2013 Chrissy Onorato 0

In what was a heartbreaking loss, the Lions fell 55-39 to William Paterson University in the NJAC tournament, but it was a well-fought game. This concluded the College’s season, but left the team with something they could be proud of.

Ex-con gives advice

February 26, 2013 Signal Contributor 28

Just because white-collar criminals don’t use violence to commit their crimes doesn’t mean they have regrets when they get caught. At least that was the attitude of the ex-white collar criminal, Sam Antar, who gave a lecture at Mayo Concert Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 20. […]

Determination is personified by tennis player

February 26, 2013 Mike Herold 0

What is it that compels athletes to come back, time after time, to continue to play the sport that they’ve chosen despite injuries, setbacks and even (for student athletes) difficulties in finding the time to play? Is it, as the story often goes, their “love of the game,” or does sheer stubbornness play more of a role?

Nicholas Cage still crazy

February 26, 2013 Johnanthony Alaimo 0

Does Britney Spears have a new man? That’s what the latest reports are seeming to suggest. The unbalanced pop star was rumored to have been out with a new guy on Valentine’s Day. Apparently, a source revealed that they were set up by mutual friends. […]

Rest your eyes to rest your brain

February 26, 2013 Ruchi Shah 0

As a college student, finally getting into the thicket of the spring semester, you find yourself slowly sinking back into your stressful routine. Deadlines are approaching quickly, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day — you need the hours of the night as well. Your immediate response is to compromise your sleep in order to complete the multitude of tasks that tower before you. […]

Tennis continues domination of foes

February 26, 2013 Mike Herold 0

There’s a funny thing about domination in sports. Most of the time, it’s obvious, and everyone watching the game can see it unfolding clear as day. But sometimes, rarely, complete domination on the fields (or courts) of play is more sublime, almost as if those doing the dominating are simply allowing it to happen through them, rather than forcing it down the throats of their opposition.

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