August 9, 2020

Campus Style

By Jordan Koziol


Early Fall Style Guide

It’s that time of year again. Whether we’re ready or not, we’re about to trade easy-read magazines for font size 8 textbooks, nighttime bonfires for a no-candle dorm policy, and energetic outdo


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Fear not — the weather is cooling down just as Fall Fashion is heating up, and luckily for us, we still have a few weeks to rep our lackadaisical wardrobes. Below are seasonal transition ideas for a warm weather classic: your favorite summer dress.

1. Pair your floral sundress with a pair of edgy combat boots from last fall’s wardrobe. For the exclamation point at the end of your outfit, adorn this look with a pop of leather or cheetah for an outfit that captures both floral finesse and casual cool.

2. Grab your lacey white dress and layer a long-sleeved flannel button down with a lightweight khaki or olive colored cargo jacket. To keep the look summery, stretch out sandal season and don your favorite pair.

Wear your summer dresses in fall weather by donning a pair of boots. (Photo from

3. Play matchmaker between your simple LBD and a dramatic statement jacket. Oversized frocks have been gracing the runways for fall 2013, so consider a jacket such as a cape as an investment and watch the returns on your outlay!

4. Using the ever-stylish Mother Nature as inspiration, stick to neutrals. Try applying the equation: cotton dress + chunky/holey sweater or wraparound scarf + mid/lowrise brown leather boots or brown leather sandals. Choose colors from a neutral palette, mix, match and wear! Some cool hues to try out this season are slate green, dark gray, sandstone and brick red.

So as we get back into the swing of things, carry a little piece of summer with you by donning your sundress at the library instead of the beach. And when the warm front and the cold front eventually meet, bask in the infinite potential of a new season, a new school year and plenty of new styles to try out!

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