August 9, 2020

Review: ‘Pacific Rim,’ CGI success

If you have ever sat on your couch and wondered what it would be like if Godzilla faced off with a Transformer, then “Pacific Rim” is the movie for you. Guillermo del Toro’s latest blockbuster did not lack heart-pounding action scenes and artfully designed CGI models.

There are many reviews that criticize “Pacific Rim,” but I disagree. First off, you have to appreciate the movie for what it is. Despite what critics originally thought, “Pacific Rim” was never intended to be serious — it wasn’t deep, meaningful or a tear-jerking cinematic experience. This movie wasn’t meant to change the mindset of a nation and inspire a rebellion. It was meant to entertain the inner 12-year-old boy or girl inside of us and offer an escape to another world.

Del Toro definitely earns an “A” for blending together old Kaiju films with Mecha anime and offering some amazing designs with just enough plot and character development to allow the audience to follow.

Now, I could think of plenty of things wrong with this movie, as far as scientific inaccuracy, dialogue choice and plot structure. But overall, “Pacific Rim” is a fun treat for the whole family.

‘Pacific Rim’s’ Yaeger program — not to be confused with Michael Bay robots. (AP Photo)

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