August 13, 2020

Freshman journey begins

August 27, 2013 Amy Reynolds 0

Take advantage of the small classes the College has to offer, ask questions, go above and beyond all expectations — these were among the many pieces of advice given during Monday morning’s convocation ceremony, in which the freshmen officially became members of the College community.

What happened in Ewing this summer

August 27, 2013 Jack Meyers 34

Even though final exams had most College students scurrying back to their families for summer vacation, Ewing Township has had some new developments. Check out what has been going on in the area since May:

MUSE program kick-starts student research

August 27, 2013 Chris Molicki 0

Research can sometimes be tedious for students. It’s difficult to do countless hours of searching without any guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for. However, the College’s MUSE program has been able to give students a unique learning experience aided by professors generating the results that students crave.

In-room conflict resolution

August 27, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Bad food, hard classes and finding new friends are causes of anxiety for incoming college freshmen, but, when I was a fresh-faced high school graduate, I had a disproportionate fear of getting a roommate that snores. […]

Finding your identity through organizations

August 27, 2013 Courtney Wirths 0

Welcome Week is not the most memorable week of your freshman year. Yes, it’s a lot of fun. Yes, there are no classes being held. And yes, there are more free T-shirts than you can imagine, but just hang on. The days that will make you fall in love with the College are not planned and certainly aren’t organized. […]

The way of the future: 3-D Printing

August 27, 2013 Signal Contributor 0

Moving to a college city has been a great experience. I love venturing to new bars, seeing shows and meeting new people. But something has been bugging me ever since I started grad school. It happens to me at least once a week, and I’m getting damn tired of it. […]

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