August 7, 2020

VFW surprisingly great place to grab dinner

September 24, 2013 Chris Rightmire 35

On Thursdays and Fridays cars overflow from its parking lot into the street, and a savory aroma wafts over the nearby Green Lane Fields. Despite its large crowds and close proximity to campus — it’s actually the closest eatery to the College — it took me until my senior year to explore the soulful flavors of the Ewing Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). […]

Reflecting on a U.S. journey

September 24, 2013 Annabel Lau 0

Fulbright scholar and Trenton State alumnus Yassin El-Ayouty returned to the College to speak to students on Monday, Sept. 16, the anniversary of his arrival on campus from Egypt 61 years ago.

Homecoming to change for all students

September 24, 2013 Natalie Kouba 4

Representatives from the office of Alumni Affairs, Lisa McCarthy and John Castaldo, presented Homecoming updates to the Student Government general body at the meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Students attending the upcoming Homecoming event, which […]

Human struggle shouldn’t result in tragedy

September 24, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Last April, a young woman named Paige Aiello ended her life at the close of the semester. To many who knew her, she was driven, deeply caring and intelligent, and a she was a leader in every facet of her life. While the memory of her life rests in many hearts, her death is reflective of a tragic occurrence. Beneath the numbers are individuals who deserve a shoulder to cry on. […]

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