August 13, 2020

Campus Style

November 23, 2014 Heather Hawkes 0

By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol Columnists This week we caught up with junior political science major Catherine Tung, who is studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic! Q: What do you wear on a typical […]

Blinder analyzes 2008’s Great Recession

November 21, 2014 Tom Kozlowski 0

By Tom Kozlowski Managing Editor When the 2008 financial crisis threatened the survival of the American economy, the ideology of many Americans conflicted with their pragmatism. Those who maintained a Reagan-era commitment to limited government […]

Students debate topics in biannual ‘War of the Words’

November 18, 2014 Ellie Schuckman 0

There were several fierce debates between the College’s Society for Parliamentary Debate and members of the Philosophy Society at the fifth biannual “War of the Words.” There were some serious topics, but most debates centered on funny topics, including the highly anticipated kittens vs. mittens. […]

Pokémon and robots are coming to campus

November 18, 2014 Sydney Shaw 0

The College now has more opportunities to host tournaments on campus, whether it be one robot pitted against another or Kirby vs. Charizard in a match of “Super Smash Bros.,” as the Robotics Club and Competitive Gaming Club were officially recognized by Student Government at the general body meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 5. […]

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