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From The Roberts: Raquel’s Style Vlog

This week we decided to let all of our readers in to our world a little bit. We decided to take this week’s blog as an opportunity to better know one of our founders, Raquel. Raquel chose to be a part of From the Roberts because she loves to both write and explore the world of fashion. Two activities that “allow one to fully express who they are to the world in their own voice and on their own terms.” We caught up with her on campus and got to hear all about her favorite springtime go-to’s, as well as catch a glimpse at what a fashion blogger likes to rock on their down time.

Below we have recreated Raquel’s look in an adorable and affordable way! With classic simple pieces like Raquel’s and the ones below, layering becomes as easy as possible, and your wardrobe will go to infinity and beyond. To add a little edge, simply mix and match these staples with colorful, patterned or textured pieces for a bit of fun.

And in the words of our co-founder, Raquel, “Be bold, fashionistas! Try something new, never be afraid to be who you and always show that wonderful person off!”


Until next time,

From the Roberts


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