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Change in College’s Homecoming alcohol policy

By Tom Ballard
News Editor

No off-site alcohol will be allowed at the College’s annual Homecoming tailgate on Saturday, Oct. 29, according to a campus-wide email sent on Thursday, Sept. 1, by Amy Hecht, vice president for Student Affairs, and John Donohue, vice president for College Advancement.

“These changes are intended to further enhance the memorable Homecoming experience that (students) have come to expect while making the event more welcoming and inclusive for all of our guests,” the email reads.

Students who are of the legal drinking age will now have to purchase beer and wine from a third-party vendor that will be on-location and monitor consumption, according to the email.

Hecht and Donohue wrote that changes in the policy were brought about in order to ensure the event remains family friendly.

“The students, alumni, administrators and other representatives to the Steering Committee remain dedicated to providing programming for the campus community that is enriching, fun and, above all else, consistent with the College’s broader commitment to the health and safety of (its students), (their) friends and families,” the email read. “We believe that the improvements to this year’s Homecoming event are well aligned with these overarching goals.”

In previous years, students who were 21 years or older were able to bring and drink their own alcohol at the tailgate.

The Homecoming 2016 website will go live in the coming days, according to the email, and will include a list of festivities planned for the day. There will be performances from alumni bands and student entertainers, and family-friendly recreational activities.


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