July 4, 2020

Campus Style: Fashion comes full circle

By Jillian Greene

Although the laid-back summer attitudes may have come to an end with the start of the new semester, the summer outfits haven’t disappeared just yet. I always think that once school starts, it will immediately start to get cooler, but this year has proven me wrong once again.

Jean skirts, jorts and more are back in style this season. (Twitter.com)
Jean skirts, jorts and more are back in style this season. (Twitter.com)

As we all sweat through another heat wave, I can’t help but wish for cooler weather and fall fashion. I’m itching to wear leggings, oversized sweaters and boots. Until then, it seems I’m stuck in sandals, jean shorts and tank tops in this 90-degree, humid weather.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before I’m writing about my favorites: boots, sweaters and oh, did I mention boots? As we all know, fashion has a tendency to come full circle. Don’t be disappointed when something falls out of style because it will probably be back soon enough. This applies to body suits, jean skirts, jorts and more. I’ve heard the saying, “I used to wear those when I was younger,” way too many times from my mom. She even gave me one of her vintage bodysuits that I now treasure.

The same can be said about chokers, which used to be all the rage and are everywhere once again. Pair them with a cute jean skirt and off-the-shoulder top, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous outfit of the day (OOTD).

You can also never go wrong with denim — no matter what the season or weather. Recently, jean skirts are ruling over any style of jean shorts. I guarantee you will see girls wearing them around campus, as well as in their Instagram and Facebook posts. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that I don’t own one yet, but it’s because I’ve been searching for the perfect one. What’s so hard about picking out a jean skirt, you may ask? For me, it has to be just the right shade of blue, and I just haven’t found one yet that suits my pickiness and, of course, my wallet.

As for the boys, I never thought I would say it, but I dig the jorts. Of course there are some of you that think it doesn’t suit your style, but for those who can rock it, I applaud. I’m not talking about the oversized jean shorts, but more like the style Harry Styles has been sporting. Keep pushing through the heatwave while wearing your stylish, summer OOTDs.

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