August 8, 2020

WTSR New Noise: Lanikai & Fictionist

WTSR New NoiseThis week, WTSR staff members Alec Goss and Tyler Bonpietro highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band: Lanikai
Album: “Lanikai”
Release Number: Debut EP
Hailing From: Winnipeg, Canada
Genre: Vibin’ Alt Pop
Label: Hidden Pony

Brand new to the game, Lanikai’s self-titled debut EP doesn’t seem like a rookie release, but more like the release of a well-weathered group. The band manages to melt together decades of music into each track — from soulful ’60s vibes to current indie pop roots — all while maintaining a rich, luscious and new sound of Lanikai’s own. Each groovy rhythm is supported by a wall of harmonious horns, strings and keys that leave more than enough room for the gorgeous soprano vocals to glide around wonderfully. The soundscape created by such beautifully chilling vocals, driving bass lines and abundance of instruments is unlike any other. Lanikai’s four tracks fly by, each song seamlessly flowing into the next, leaving you wanting a full length release sooner rather than later.

Must Hear: “Hey Hey,” “I Need Love” and “I’m Glad”

Band: Fictionist
Album: “Free Spirit”
Release Number: 5th
Hailing From: Provo, Utah
Label: Harbour Records

Indie pop band Fictionist’s newest EP is a short, punchy collection of tunes to dance to that are reminiscent of bands such as The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and Walk the Moon. The EP is packed with jams that anybody who enjoys these bands will love. These four songs manage to draw you in with ridiculous catchiness, while the band’s surprisingly well-developed instrumental tracks do the rest. There’s nothing truly different about “Free Spirit,” but the EP definitely succeeds in delivering 15 minutes of solid, care-free indie pop jams.

Must Hear: “Free Spirit,” “We Can Sleep When We Die” and “High Society”

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