August 13, 2020

Yummy Sushi offers authentic Asian cuisine

By Mia Ingui
Managing Assistant

Finally, a place for quality sushi on campus that doesn’t require a 20-minute wait during meal equiv.

Yummy Sushi’s grand opening in Campus Town two weeks ago was a long time coming, but well worth the wait. The food is fresh, authentic and reasonably priced — all good news for broke college students.

A hearty meal can cost less than $15. (Randell Carrido / Staff Photographer)
A hearty meal can cost less than $15. (Randell Carrido / Staff Photographer)

The restaurant is sandwiched between RedBerry Frozen Yogurt and Mexican Mariachi Grill. It’s a quick walk from just about anywhere on campus, which makes it the perfect sushi spot for students stranded on campus without cars, like me.

After class, a friend and I decided to take the walk to Yummy Sushi for a much-needed break from the Atrium at Eickhoff. Walking into Yummy Sushi immediately reminded me of my favorite sushi place back home, and a wave of comfort and excitement washed over me.

Although it was a little busy, we were quickly seated at a quaint table for two toward the back of the restaurant. I could hardly contain my excitement when I opened the menu.

I consider myself a sushi connoisseur and am always in pursuit of great sushi and Asian cuisine. I walked into Yummy Sushi with high hopes — would this be my new go-to take out at the College?

To get a taste of everything, I ordered the bento box, which includes a starter soup, salad, California roll, three pieces of shumai — a traditional Chinese dumpling — and a choice of entrée. I went with General Tso’s Chicken to spice things up.

It wasn’t long before my miso soup arrived, wonderfully warm and salty. By the time I finished the soup, my beautiful bento box had arrived. It really was beautiful.

Luckily, the food tasted as good as it looked. The sushi was just the right texture — soft, sticky and fresh. The shumai were filled with shrimp, pan fried and tasty.

Yummy Sushi is located in Campus Town, next to Mexican Mariachi Grill. (Randell Carrido / Staff Photographer)
Yummy Sushi is located in Campus Town, next to Mexican Mariachi Grill. (Randell Carrido / Staff Photographer)

My salad was left largely untouched in the corner of my bento, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as I’m not a big fan of salads, or anything healthy and green, for that matter.

The main event, the General Tso’s chicken, tasted great. It was freshly made and had a slight kick that was simultaneously sweet and spicy. I finished every last piece, although it was a little difficult to mangle the big pieces of chicken with my chopsticks. In retrospect, I could have asked for a fork, but it’s OK. I like a good challenge.

The best thing about my meal? It came out to $14.93, including tax. This was music to my ears. I typically spend a fortune on takeout from my local sushi restaurant — one roll usually costs me $6. But at Yummy Sushi, I got a roll and a full entrée, plus the shumai and soup, for just under $15.

I will certainly being making more trips to Yummy Sushi in the coming months. It’s a great excuse to leave my tiny dorm room and feel like I went out for dinner.

Sushi lovers rejoice — we now have an authentic Asian restaurant within walking distance of the College. Yummy Sushi offers freshly-made, affordable options that are sure to satisfy.

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