July 8, 2020

WTSR New Noise: Thundercat & Modern English

This week, WTSR Assistant Music Director Nelson Kelly highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: Thundercat
Album Name: “Drunk”
Release Number: 2nd
Hailing From: Los Angeles
Genre: Silky Smooth Experimental R&B
Label: Brainfeeder Records

Thundercat, better known as “that guy who plays bass with Kendrick

Lamar and produces Flying Lotus as well as a slew of other artists” is

back with yet another phenomenal record. The follow up to 2013’s

“Apocaplypse” finds the bass virtuoso doing just about the same thing:

cranking out sweet r&b jams. Jazz-influenced bass lines (see “Uh Uh”

for a two minute bass solo/jazz odyssey) and a nice landscape of electronic

sounds provide the perfect musical bed for Thundercat’s smooth falsetto

coo-ing about topics like the friend zone, anime, and, of course, being

wasted. To make this album even better, Thundercat brings in his buds

like Kendrick, Kenny Loggins and Wiz Khalifa to round out the aural

serenade that is Drunk. Overall a great album from a great artist.

Must Hear: “Jethro,” “Show You the Way,” “Walk on By (ft. Kendrick Lamar),” “Tokyo” and “Friend Zone.”


Band Name: Modern English
Album Name: “Take Me to the Trees”
Release Number: 8th
Hailing From: Essex, England
Genre: New Wave
Label: self released

If you recognize the name Modern English but can’t quite place it,

you probably came across it in your mom’s record collection from

her childhood (I know I did). They also put out the 1982 megahit “I Melt

With You”, probably the dorkiest song to ever get anyone laid,

ever. You would think a one hit wonder like Modern English

would put out a wholly unnecessary, terrible album in our grand

year of 2017, but let me tell you, “Take Me to the Trees” is high

quality, genuine new wave with hints of post punk to keep it

interesting. If you like steady rockers with hazy synths and sweet

guitar melodies providing the hooks, this album is for you. A

pleasantly surprising success from an old band.


Must Hear: “You’re Corrupt,” “Trees,” “Moonbeam” and “Sweet Revenge.”

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