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Celebritease: ‘Hannah Montana’ co-stars reunite

By Mackenzie Cutruzzula

Now that we’re past the semester’s halfway point, you might be thinking to yourself “Where does the time go?” To make you feel even older, this week marks the anniversary of many college students’ childhood pop culture staples.

The YouTube classic “Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise” turned 10 years old on Thursday, March 23. The famous video — made during what I consider the heyday of YouTube — features Harry Potter-themed puppets crazily popping in and out of the scene repeating their character’s name.

Years later we may all be wondering why this was so funny, but I challenge you to show it to any middle schooler to gauge the humor.

On Friday, March 24, the “Hannah Montana” series celebrated 11 years since its premiere on Disney Channel. Fashion vests and layered tank tops may be a thing of the past, but the show itself remains a cultural icon.

Close up of microphone in concert hall or conference room (envato elements).

The show helped launch the careers of guest stars like Selena Gomez and Corbin Bleu, who went on to star in other Disney Channel originals. And, of course, no middle school iPod would have been complete without Hannah Montana hits like “If We Were A Movie” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”

Co-stars of the show, Emily Osment and Jason Earles recently gave the Twittersphere a mini “Hannah Montana” reunion. Osment posted a picture of Earles, letting fans know that she ran into him on a hike. Twitter exploded instantly and users were calling for a real reunion.

However, Miley Cyrus, who played the main character, has previously revealed it wasn’t always the best of both worlds growing up in the limelight. In 2015, she opened up to Marie Claire about anxiety and body image issues caused by her television role. Cyrus has since liberated herself from her Disney past, so it is unlikely we will see a reunion in the future.  

Kevin Jonas, on the other hand, proved he was still proud of his Disney roots. On Friday, March 24, the eldest Jonas posted a video to Instagram of his daughter rocking out in front of the television. She was dancing to Demi Lovato singing in “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”

“This is weird…..” he wrote in the caption.

Jonas’s younger brother Joe recently mentioned that another “Camp Rock” may be possible.

“If it made sense, sure,” he told Marie Claire. “It would be funny to do a spin on it. Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark. … We’ve joked around about the idea a couple times.”

Lovato herself confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she came up with the idea to have another sequel, and that it will actually be happening. We can only hope that Kevin Jonas’s adorable daughters will be in on the casting.


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