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Classic Signals: Students move in to new homes

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It’s hard to believe another school year is already here. Freshmen are eager to move into their new home at the College and begin a new chapter in their lives. Although moving in can be a stressful experience, upperclassman at the College anxiously wait to help speed up the process and give an extra set of helping hands. In 2000, several organizations on campus helped freshman with the move-in process.

Freshmen carry their belongings to their dorm room. (Ashton Leber / Features Editor)

Unlike previous move-in days, students and college staff said moving in this semester was relatively easy.

College staff reported no noticeable problems, and said the smaller flare-ups were quickly fixed.

Students said broken elevators in the Towers were the biggest problems, although Residence Life said an elevator repairman quickly repaired them.

Dave Lepelletir, freshman biology major, said he waited up to 20 minutes per elevator ride.

Lukus Wodka, a freshman art major living in Travers, said he was concerned with the parking lot, where it was nearly impossible to find a spot.

Overall, Wodka said “It went pretty well when you think about how many people were moving in, and how much stuff they carried.”

Amber Griffies, freshman chemistry major, said the beginning of the day was much smoother than the end, when lines for the elevator stretched outside the basements of Travers and Wolfe.

On the other hand, Jay Sabino, a psychology major and Travers and Wolfe C.A., said move-in day went “very well.”

He said he served juice to parents and students while they were moving in.

“Everything went smoothly as far as I’m concerned. It was as best as it could have been with 1,000 kids moving in,” he said.

Students from ROTC, various Greek organizations, ambassadors, upperclassman and other student organizations helped freshmen move into their new dorm rooms during Welcome Week.

However, C.A.s also helped freshman carry bags and rearrange rooms.

Mary-Elaine Perry, dean of Student Life, said moving in was a huge success this year. She said she received compliments from parents on the hassle-free day.


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