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Students display holiday crafts in Arter’s Market

By Grace Gottschling
Staff Writer

It was a one stop shop of fun and festive art as students lined up behind the AIMM building to walk through this semester’s Arter’s Market, hosted by the Rebel Art Movement, on Friday, Dec. 1.

The event gave students a chance to buy gifts for loved ones, find that perfect accent piece to complete their room design, or just find a piece that speaks to them in a way that only art can.

Decorated tables accentuate students’ art. (Miguel Gonzalez / Sports Editor)

Student artists lined the outdoor market, sitting behind tables adorned with string lights and tapestries. Succulents and glass bottles accented the wood and metal displays the artists used to attract customers to their creations. The artists had a wide range of work available, from traditional mediums like paintings, drawings and prints to more specialized crafts like jewelry, button, pins and soaps.

Cara Giddens, a junior fine arts major, sold prints of digital art. This was her first Arter’s Market, but she has been committed to art since middle school. Some of her pieces at the market were full of color and had an abstract quality while still maintaining realism. Others were black or gray-scale, showcasing the depth and layers of her work.

After she graduates, Giddens is excited to find a job in the digital media field.

“I really want to get into comic art and conceptual art for movies and TV. Possibly even video game design,” Giddens said.

Danni DeQuintal, a junior elementary education and iSTEM double major and owner of D’s Trendy Tees, a student-run clothing business, started selling her creations a few years ago after being encouraged by her friends.

“I started out (making things) for my friends and everyone told me that other students would want them too,” DeQuintal said. “So I said OK and I made an Instagram!”

DeQuintal has been selling homemade items since she was young.

“I’ve always sold things. I used to sell friendship bracelets at the town pool as a kid,” DeQuintal said.

This was DeQuintal’s fifth time selling her products at the Arter’s Market. This year, she added vegan soaps to her inventory.

Sandra Phan, a junior biology major, attended the market with a group of friends.

“I love it,” Phan said. “It’s cute as heck. I love seeing classmates and all they can do!”


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