July 4, 2020

Campus Style: Pops of Color

By Lexy Yulich

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe consists of an array of black, white and gray. I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to fashion, and I have always gravitated towards neutrals, but recently I realized that my wardrobe is in serious need of color. For the past few weeks, I have been incorporating color into my outfits. Besides having a more cheerful attitude, I noticed that I have felt more put together. While I still wear black, gray and white daily, these four tips have helped me expand my minimalist wardrobe.

Bold colored pants add spunk to a neutral outfit. (Instagram)

1. Swap a neutral top for a colorful one.  My go-to outfit is usually a lacey or solid black tank top with an oversized cardigan and ripped jeans. Instead of wearing all neutrals, I started to add colored tank tops. For example, I bought a maroon lace tank top from Urban Outfitters and paired that with my favorite cream cardigan from Anthropologie. The color from the maroon top adds depth to the outfit, but doesn’t make me feel like I am wearing anything too flashy or bright.

2. Change your nail polish. I’m guilty of only wearing dark shades of nail polish, but in an effort to bring more color into my life, I started painting my nails with bright colors. My favorite color right now is either lavender or a medium shade of yellow. Something as small as vibrant nail polish can cheer you up and brighten your day.

3. Wear bold pants with a neutral top. I used to think I could never pull off colored pants until I found a pair of red casual trousers from Madewell. These pants go with any neutral top, and they are not overly bright. I feel confident, stylish and happy when I wear colored pants.

4. Add color to your accessories. Sometimes, purchasing clothes with color can feel overwhelming if you’re used to only wearing neutrals. I noticed that it is sometimes easier to add color by accessorizing. If I’m feeling daring, I’ll wear a pair of turquoise tassel earrings or throw on my favorite light pink tennis shoes to add a twist to an otherwise bland outfit.

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