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Vital Signs: Working out in winter chills

By Anna Kellaher

Finding the motivation to stay active and fit during the winter months is hard. Once you add in a polar vortex with temperatures close to zero degrees, it may feel impossible. Nevertheless, exercise is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular physical activity prevents chronic conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease, improves mood, boosts energy levels and can better sleep patterns.

So how do you get a workout in without braving the cold?

One answer is to take advantage of the Fitness Center located in Campus Town. If you are new to working out in a gym, you can find easy beginner workouts online. If you find that the gym is too crowded, try going during less common hours throughout the day, like first thing in the morning or around 9 p.m.  Remember to bring your student ID to swipe in!

The College also offers a Group Fitness Program if you prefer to work out in a group and with an instructor. For $25, you can have unlimited access to a semester full of classes such as kickboxing, Zumba and cycling. The classes take place in either the Recreation Center Fitness Studio or the Travers-Wolfe Fitness Studio.

Another option is to join a club or intramural sports team that has indoor practices during the colder months. Club sports are a great way to learn new skills and become part of a team. If you are looking for less of a long-term commitment, intramural sports provide a more laid-back atmosphere to have fun with a group of friends or floormates. The intramural seasons only last for a few weeks. Options include classic sports like basketball and more novel sports like team handball.

Check out the Recreation and Wellness on the College’s website for more information about all of the activities discussed for a healthy and warm winter.


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