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Monthly Archives: September, 2019

‘It’ sequel chills, suffers from bloated runtime

The return of the demonic — and at times hilarious — clown arrived in theaters on Sept. 6 with director Andrés Muschietti’s “It Chapter Two.”

Toronto Film Festival features upcoming hits

The 2019 Toronto Film Festival has come and gone, with many films premiering this year that audiences should be excited to see. I spoke with Mike Kamison, programming director for the Princeton Garden Theater, who attended this year’s festival, to get his impressions of the films he saw that moviegoers should look out for this year.

Lions beat Stevens, tie Ramapo

The men’s soccer team improved its overall record to 8-2 after a 2-1 victory over Stevens Institute of Technology on Sept. 25 at Lions Stadium.

People should realize they’re not alone

When I transferred to the College last fall, I’ll be honest — I didn’t think I belonged at first. It wasn’t because the environment wasn’t welcoming or I thought I should’ve gone to another school; it was because I felt alone and different for being a transfer student.

Tennis plays in ITA, Michibata goes far

The men’s tennis team competed in the Northeast Regional Tournament on Friday, Sept. 27.

XC competes in Mike Woods Invitational

The men’s and women’s cross country teams ran in the Mike Woods Invitational at SUNY Geneseo on Saturday, Sept. 28.

Field hockey scores big

The women’s field hockey team traveled to Cabrini University on Sept. 24 for an out-of-conference duel.

The Chip: My Weekend Without Water

Water — it makes up the very basis of human life. Without it, all life on this planet would surely perish. We drink it. We use it to make Ramen. We do our number 2’s in it, and sometimes, we wash our hands with it after.

Classic Signals: Students find value in writing letters

Doesn’t it feel more sincere when you receive a hand-written card from a friend or family member versus getting a simple text for a special occasion?

People should unite against climate change

Ask anyone who attended one of the many worldwide climate strikes what needs to be done to meet their demands, and they’ll likely call for widespread top-down change. While I personally have not crunched the numbers on global greenhouse gas emissions or rising sea levels, I see merit in their argument that we need to make large-scale changes.

Arts deserve to receive same respect as sports

A majority of children are automatically enrolled in sports over dance classes when they’re out of the womb. Dance and music are not a parent’s first choice when deciding what their child should start getting involved in unless the parents themselves have done it either. Why is that?

Lions’ Plate: Simple Turkey Chili

This recipe is one of my favorites because it’s one of the first ones I’ve made myself. This chili is perfect for the days I don’t feel like cooking because I can throw everything in my crockpot and come back to it later.

Community receives advisory to boil water

The College community received an advisory on Friday, Sept. 27, to boil water until further notice. Director of Risk Management Brian Webb notified the campus that morning via email, saying that Trenton Water Works issued the advisory to various communities in Mercer County.

Celebrity chef, former Traditions menu designer dies at 44

Carl Ruiz, celebrity chef and culinary spark to the founding of Traditions, died of a suspected heart attack on Saturday,

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