August 13, 2020

Police find individuals with stolen bicycle

By Raquel Sosa-Sanchez

Campus Police finds stolen bicycles

On Aug. 20 at approximately 8:48 p.m., Campus Police responded to a report of four suspicious male individuals walking bicycles outside of Townhouses East. 

Upon arrival, Campus Police questioned the individuals, asking how they obtained the bikes, specifically a blue Rally MTB 10 speed bicycle. One of the individuals told Campus Police that it was given to him by his uncle and that he left it alongside the road for safekeeping while they went to Landmark Americana in Campus Town.

Campus Police then questioned another individual in the group, who then admitted that the bicycle was stolen. He stated that the bicycle had been taken two days prior, on Aug. 18, but would not disclose the time or location. Furthermore, he said his friend had been keeping the bicycle along the side of the road for safekeeping.

The suspect was then advised by Campus Police that he was in possession of stolen property, and the bicycle was then repossessed. The suspects were then advised immediately to leave the College’s property.

Police find drunk student outside New Residence Hall

On Aug. 22 at approximately 2:40 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to New Residence Hall on reports of a female who needed access to the building.

Upon arrival, Campus Police observed an unconscious female individual on the bench outside of the building. After multiple attempts to wake her up, she finally woke up and appeared to have bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Campus Police also reported an overwhelming scent of alcohol emanating from her breath. 

She was then asked by Campus Police to confirm or deny whether she had been drinking and to produce a form of identification. The student then confirmed that she had been drinking and gave Campus Police her driver’s license. 

TCNJ and Trenton EMS were called and arrived on scene shortly afterward. The student was then was transported to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.

Student reports intoxicated roommate 

On Aug. 24 at approximately 12:19 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on a report of an intoxicated person. 

Upon arrival to the room of the initial report, Campus Police met with a student from the College, who told the officers that he had made the call for his roommate. Campus Police discovered his roommate lying unconscious on his bed and observed vomit on the student’s clothing. According to reporting officers, the odor of alcohol was apparent as they approached him. After waking him up, Campus Police questioned him and noted that the student’s speech was slurred.

TCNJ and Pennington EMS were called and then arrived on scene shortly after. After further evaluation, the student was transported to a nearby medical facility and issued a summons for underage consumption of alcohol.

Campus Police was later informed by a friend of the intoxicated student that he had consumed a total of four beers at a nearby country club prior to returning to campus that night. No further action was taken. 

Students report intoxicated person outside Wolfe Hall

On Aug. 24 at approximately 11:41 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched on a report of an intoxicated person outside of Wolfe Hall, facing the Recreation Center.

Upon arrival to the scene, Campus Police was flagged down by a group of female students for medical assistance. Officers discovered the group huddled around a conscious female student leaned up against the building.

The group proceeded to identify themselves to the responding officers. Campus Police then questioned the intoxicated student and asked her if she had been drinking that night. She then said that she had been drinking margaritas and had one mixed drink as well. Officers observed her speech as slurred and detected the scent of alcohol emanating from her breath.

TCNJ EMS was called and arrived on scene shortly after. The student was evaluated and deemed fit to return to her room.

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