August 7, 2020

Lions Plate: Traditional Potato Latkes

December 4, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season has always been learning more about how other cultures celebrate. My friends from home come from a variety of different backgrounds. I enjoyed learning more about Hanukkah from my best friend and her family, who […]

Lions Plate: Buffalo Chicken Dip

November 12, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

If you aren’t able to make it over to Landmark Americana, the College’s new restaurant and bar, for game day fuel, you will be left to your own resources to prepare a tasty halftime snack. If you have no recipes on hand or are not the most skilled cook in the kitchen, never fear— this buffalo chicken dip recipe is a sure hit. […]

Lions Plate: Classic Italian Struffoli

November 5, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

While Halloween lovers sadly pack away their cobwebs and candy bowls until next year, Christmas fanatics are anything but upset as the weather gets colder. For many, the first day of November means it is finally socially acceptable to turn up the volume on the holiday music they have been quietly listening to, light up their winter candles they had stashed away and cuddle up to watch “A Christmas Story.” While I am still looking forward to my favorite holiday this month, Thanksgiving, I had to share one of my favorite recipes for those already in the Christmas spirit. […]

Lions Plate: Autumn Apple Crisp

October 29, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

With brisk weather creeping in quickly this season, there are only a few weeks left to take advantage of prime apple picking season. Terhune Orchards of Princeton is a popular place for anything and everything fall themed, from apple and pumpkin picking to enjoying some apple cider or a hayride. It is completely normal to go a little overboard and leave with more fruit than you would buy on an average trip to the grocery store. […]

Lions Plate: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

October 24, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

Health food restaurants have become all the rage recently. Ocean Cafe, a chain with four locations in Monmouth County, has a special place in my heart. The restaurant has a variety of healthy options, and one of the most popular is the rice paper spring roll. The traditional Vietnamese dish can be served with a number of different ingredients, but my favorite is the tuna roll, especially since Ocean Cafe has sushi grade fish. […]

Lions Plate: Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll

October 9, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

A pre trick-or-treat party was a Halloween tradition in my neighborhood when I was growing up. It was the best way for parents to ensure we had something substantial in our bellies before filling up on candy for the rest of the night. Each family prepared their best fall-themed treat, and my mother collected the recipes. […]

Lions Plate: Diner-Style Bread Pudding

October 2, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are of frequent trips to the local diner with my father. At the end of almost every meal, we would commemorate our trip by sharing a bowl of his favorite dessert, bread pudding. Weary of competing with our favorite diner’s recipe, I never ventured to make the treat again myself until recently. My inspiration to begin again was a loaf of Italian bread in my pantry that had begun to go stale. I set out to give it a second life and save it from ending up in the trash. […]

Lions Plate: Philly Stuffed Peppers

September 24, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

A trip to the local farmers market is a fun summer or fall activity for any at-home chef. For foodies at the College, the closest local produce options are just a five minute drive from campus. While sharing a parking lot with Halo Farms, a popular ice cream spot among students, Trenton Farmers Market is the perfect one-stop grocery spot, and will save you money in the process. […]

Lions Plate: Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup

September 17, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

Flu season is right around the corner, and if you’re susceptible to allergies that come with the changing weather, you are probably already sneezing. There’s no cure for the sniffles like mom’s old fashioned chicken noodle, and dorm room ramen just can’t compare. […]

Lions Plate: Homemade Granola Bars

September 3, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

The second week of class is upon us, and that means it is time to kick into high gear and hit the books. Long hours at the library can result in unhealthy snacking decisions or, even worse, forgetting to eat altogether. […]

Assault survivors tell empowering stories

April 24, 2017 Shannon Deady 0

Despite usually being a stranger to the person beside them, an intimate atmosphere of understanding and support filled the dimly lit basement of the Business Building as students gathered to share the raw details of their most personal stories. […]

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