Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Lily Firth

People should take gluten-free allergies seriously

Over the past few years, many people have followed the gluten-free diet trend because they think it will lead to massive weight loss or an altogether healthier lifestyle. This is a misconstrued message that needs to be debunked because people without gluten allergies

College provides update on recycling process

Over the past few years, global warming and environmental change have been at the forefront of many political conversations. Most experts agree that the Earth’s temperature is rising — a phenomenon that could ultimately put human life at risk.

Fall out of harmful stereotypes of women

Everyone loves the fall; it’s the start of cool, crisp weather, exciting holidays, bonfires, yummy pumpkin flavors and sweater season.

College assists students in recovery

Recently, mental health and its relationship to substance abuse has risen to the forefront of nationwide issues on college campuses, and there have been numerous steps taken by both administrations and students to combat addiction.

College revises biology program

A new generation of biology professionals will soon graduate from the College, and employers are looking to hire more well-rounded candidates. In the past, this tended to put stress on students studying biology at the College, because the strict and rigorous program made it difficult to add minors, which would add more diversity to their resumés and experiences.

Student Health Services replaces Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been helping students at the College with their reproductive health concerns for the past 40 years, until now. As of this year, Planned Parenthood no longer provides services to the College community, and Student Health Services has taken on the responsibilities of providing students with accessible reproductive health care on campus.

It’s important to find a way to stay active

I’m never one to judge someone else’s health decisions, considering most of my favorite activities involve eating junk food and sitting on the couch.

TMT brings Broadway to campus

Students eagerly packed the Library Auditorium to experience TCNJ Musical Theatre’s annual Broadway night on Friday, Dec. 1.

Classic Signals: Marketplace gets students in holiday spirit

Over the years, students and organizations at the College have put together events and collected donations for those less fortunate, especially during the holiday season when everyone needs an extra dose of hope and happiness.

iCaberet impresses with solo and group songs

Students and parents all filed into the Library Auditorium to watch i-Tunes, one of the many a capella groups on campus, on Friday, Nov. 10. I-Tunes performed its second annual i-Cabaret.

Fans love and fear King’s newest ‘It’

Stephen King released his novel, “It,” in 1986, and the intense story continues to give readers nightmares.

Students should learn to love reading

By Lily Firth Reviews Editor Nearly every student, aside from my fellow English majors, says they don’t enjoy reading, deeming books too boring, long or difficult....

New single shows controversial side of popular artist

Most of Taylor Swift’s fans eagerly anticipated new music following her three-year hiatus since “1989.” The single she released was nothing less than a surprise. “Look What You Made Me Do” is different from anything Swift has released in the past, centering around dark instrumentals and using cryptic messages dedicated to her enemies who morphed her into someone she doesn’t want to be — vicious, hardened and vengeful.

Harry finds new ‘style’ on recent album

“Harry Styles,” the long-awaited debut album from ex-One Direction member Harry Styles was finally released in May, and longtime fans and casual listeners alike are still buzzing about the latest hits.

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