July 4, 2020

‘Descensus’ boasts Circa Survive’s signature sound

December 4, 2014 Jared Sokoloff 0

Circa Survive is one of those groups where it takes a long list of genres to even remotely describe its music. Wikipedia lists them as alternative rock, indie rock, experimental rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock and shoegaze, though, I’d also throw hardcore in, too. Despite this seemingly diverse mixture, the group doesn’t genre bounce. Rather, these influences are mixed up into a signature brew of the “Circa Survive sound.” […]

Young’s ‘Storytone’ fails

November 12, 2014 Jared Sokoloff 0

By Jared Sokoloff Staff Writer Neil Young is an artist who doesn’t need an introduction. He is a legend — one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. He has spent decades exploring nearly every […]

McCartney’s music still popular after 50 years

December 4, 2013 Jared Sokoloff 0

Paul McCartney has been blasting out hit pop songs for five decades, somehow managing to stay at least somewhat relevant without completely conforming to the latest fads in music. On his latest release, “New,” you will not hear him delving into EDM or dropping the bass. […]

Pop album inadequate

April 9, 2013 Jared Sokoloff 0

There’s a reason that the Beatles’ later albums are still held in such high regard almost 50 years after their release. Their albums scoped out multiple genres and used innovative production and instrumentation to enhance songs that, at their simplest forms, were truly memorable. […]

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