Sunday, June 20, 2021

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SG discusses plans for Homecoming Spirit Week

Student Government met with College President Kathryn Foster and made several announcements regarding upcoming events in its general body meeting on Sept. 12.

Vital Signs: Limit your screen time

No one can escape excessive screen time because it is necessary to function in today’s society. What is scary about this new norm is that it happened so quickly, leaving scientists scrambling to find if excessive screen time is dangerous to our health in the long run.

Area codes change in Southern New Jersey

Area codes within a phone number create a sense of solidarity for people living in the same region. But on Sept. 17, new phone numbers in Southern and Central New Jersey will no longer contain the 609 area code –– they will now use the area code 640.

Classic Signals: Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a concern that is unfortunately all too prevalent, especially in the lives of young people. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In 1973, a suicide attempt at the College brought the issue to the forefront of the campus community.

Classic Signals: Abortion

Abortion has been a highly debated issue in the U.S. for many years.

Classic Signals: Alcohol Sanctions

Alcohol and other drugs are a point of contention on college campuses, as college is a notorious time for young people to engage in alcohol and drug use at parties.

Classic Signals: Debt

College tuition and other fees often increase annually, making the burden of accumulating debt heavier for students and their families.

Classic Signals: Rape awareness

Rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment are still problems on all college campuses, especially with regard to alcohol-related incidents.

Snow days break up midterms week

Midterms are always a dreaded part of the semester, filling college students with stress, confusion and anxiety.

Classic Signals: Stress takes toll on student health

For college students, stress comes in many forms — from pressure to earn good grades, struggling to manage time or even finding time to socialize.

Classic Signals: women’s studies enters general curriculum

Recently, the Women’s and Gender Studies major at the College added another component to the major — sexuality. The major now encompasses women’s issues as well as sexual identity and sexual discrimination.

Classic Signals: Recycling Plan

As the temperature fluctuates rapidly this winter, people are becoming increasingly worried about climate change creating such haphazard weather.

Classic Signals: Scholar lectures about black history

During the month of February, we celebrate the contributions black Americans have made to our society, and how they persevered through a traumatic history of oppression.

Classic Signals: Students break skiing world record

2018 marks the 40-year anniversary of when two students from the College broke a Guinness world record for continuous downhill alpine skiing in 1978.

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