July 7, 2020

College responds to updated Title IX policies

May 25, 2020 Madison Pena 0

The College has begun adapting to the new nationally-mandated Title IX policies released on May 6 by Secretary of the Department of Education Betsy DeVos. The new policies include creating a narrower definition of sexual harassment, incorporating informal cross-examination hearings and requiring schools to dismiss allegations of sexual harassment that occur outside of campus-controlled buildings. […]

How to cope during quarantine

March 14, 2020 Madison Pena 0

With daily reminders and updates concerning the Coronavirus, it’s hard to get away from the mass hysteria that is spreading around the world. News of travel bans, quarantines and stores running out of food and toiletries can take a toll on your mental health. […]

Hustle culture is toxic to mental health

February 24, 2020 Madison Pena 1

In recent years, posts surrounding “the hustle” have taken over social media feeds. This content can range from a motivational post telling you that you’re ready to “crush the day” to college students discussing the many business ventures that they pursue in addition to their school work. […]

‘Spinning Out’ sticks the landing among fans

January 28, 2020 Madison Pena 0

Netflix’s latest drama, “Spinning Out,” made its debut on New Year’s Day and already has fans eagerly awaiting a second season. Created by Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell, the show follows a hopeful Olympic figure skater, Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario), as she attempts to navigate the world of pair skating when an accident on the ice derails her athletic career. […]

People should find happiness within themselves

January 28, 2020 Madison Pena 0

One of the biggest faults I have noticed in modern society is our false idea of happiness. It is common for people to think that happiness is based on how much you have or how much you are loved by others, but in reality, it is something you can only find within yourself. […]

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