August 5, 2020

Diet and die – it’s a proven fact

January 25, 2006 Marie Bubenzer 0

Trends and fashions are dictated from all different angles – magazines, TV shows and advertisements. We are told that slim is sexy. Thinness rules!

It is expressed that larger people have a large problem. In the United States, four out of five women are dissatisfied with their appearance. […]

A quick look at life beyond Metzger Drive

October 19, 2005 Marie Bubenzer 0

There are still no exact figures on the death toll of Hurricane Katrina, but it is a number above 1,100.

More than 10,000 people are forced to rebuild their lives and homes. Millions of people were glued to the TV and the Internet following the events and the coverage of the second hurricane, Rita. […]