August 7, 2020

College admits New Orleans transfer students

September 7, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

As the nation comes to terms with the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, the reality facing many students in New Orleans is that most of its schools are simply too damaged to accommodate them for the semester. The College, however, is making efforts to accept undergraduates who were to attend schools in New Orleans until their schools recover from the storm. […]

Codey bans smoking in all college dorms

August 31, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

After Acting Gov. Richard Codey signed legislation last Monday banning smoking in all public and private colleges and universities in the state, College administrators began the process of implementing the policy on campus.

The bill, S-2332, introduced to the state legislature in February, orders “the appropriate governing body, board or individual responsible for or has control of the administration of a school … (to) make and enforce suitable regulations controlling the smoking of tobacco on their premises. […]

‘Hell, yes,’ Beck turns it on with new, more mature album

April 13, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

It would be too simple to call Beck a mere musician. It would be more appropriate to call him a sonic craftsman. He has proven to have a damn near inexhaustible, kaleidoscopic vision of music.

Since the 1994 release of his first earnest album, “Mellow Gold,” – an album recorded with the strange intentions of laying hip-hop beats over folk songs – it has proven almost impossible to track him, to pigeonhole him, to calculate his next move. […]

Editorial: Hunter S. Thompson, 1937 – 2005

February 23, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

It seems a strange night – Sunday, February 20, 2005 – for Hunter S. Thompson, PhD, aka Dr. Gonzo, aka Raoul Duke, to have put a bullet in his head, ending his 67-year-old life. It was, after all, the night of the NBA All-Star Game and Thompson had a Page Two column to pen for espn. […]

Super Bowl result brings mixed reactions

February 9, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

Cast off your anguish, my fellow much-beleaguered Philly fans. This is not the bitter end that it seems to be. This is simply another pit stop on the proverbial “road to victory” we hear drunkenly heralded year after year after year in the Eagles fight song. […]

Why’d it have to happen on a weekend?

January 26, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

By 10 a.m. Saturday morning, snow had begun falling on the greater Trenton region. In the course of the next 24 hours, between 13 and 16 inches of snow blanketed the College campus as two separate storms, the first significant ones of the season, pummeled the area. […]

Alternative band up to its old ‘antics’ on newest album

December 8, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

The task of recording a follow-up to Interpol’s debut album, 2002’s “Turn on the Bright Lights,” must have been daunting to the young band. Their premiere was very close to a masterpiece.

Coming out of New York University in 1998, the band had gained some local notoriety, appearing frequently in Brownie’s and the Mercury Lounge. […]

Musical and cultural icon casts off own legend in autobiography

November 4, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 1

What should we expect from a memoir penned by Bob Dylan? What kind of self-portrait can we expect from a man who writes “What did I owe the rest of the world? Nothing. Not a damn thing. The press? I figured you lie to it.”

What we get from this man, who has gone to such great lengths to remain something of an enigma, however, is the story of his life expressed with uncharacteristic frankness. […]

Editorial: It’s the end of the world as we know it

November 4, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

By 4 p.m. or so, Election Day, I was starting to feel uneasy. The highway toward Pennsylvania, and my voting district in Yardley, was crowded and there were ribbons of gray cloud in the sky – the air was steely.

I had, until that point, managed to divorce myself from the grave realities of Nov. 2, the consequences that hung in the balance, but by the time I crossed the state line, the whole thing was beginning to wear at me – apparently I had good reason. […]

Campaign ’04: The Final Days–Commentary

October 20, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

I find it difficult to grasp the fact that, like any other day, Nov. 2 will come and go and that this vicious campaign for the presidency will actually end. It seems as if we have been living with it forever, watching it, breathing quick and biting our nails. […]

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