August 7, 2020

Simmons dishes about life on the road

March 18, 2014 Mike Nunes 0

Not a table was empty on Tuesday, March 4, as a trifecta of talented performers took to the stage at the Rathskeller, entertaining Rat-goers with a collection of high-energy performances. Performers included The Dundees, NGHBRS and Jon Simmons. […]

Obama is falling short of his ‘red line’

September 10, 2013 Mike Nunes 2

Does Obama really care about intervening in Syria? Well, if he did, he would have done so way before the death toll ticked over 100,000. At this point, Obama has to save face after he said chemical weapons would be a “red line,” and those responsible would be punished. I mean, it was an honest mistake. […]

Double standards in crime

April 23, 2013 Mike Nunes 0

Cassandra Jackson, English professor at the College, spoke to students at the fourth annual Gloria Harper Dickinson Memorial Lecture on Wednesday, April 17. Jackson’s presentation centered on the lack of racial divide that society ascribed to white and black youths. […]