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OPINION: Biden’s first 100 days: the good, the bad and the ugly

April 30 marked 100 days since President Biden was sworn in, and I think it’s fair to reflect on what he has done thus far. Before I give my perspective, it is only fair that I explain what my perspective is. I am a believer in democracy in the workplace, which means workers should either be at or share the helm of the business they work for. I supported Bernie Sanders in 2020. That being said, let’s dive in. I will be dividing his actions into three categories: the pandemic, domestic policy and foreign policy.

What Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan means for the Afghan government

Anthony VitaleCorrespondent On April 14, President Joe Biden announced his plan to withdraw all military presence from Afghanistan in a speech at the White House....

Second round of Covid-19 graduates prepare to transition into workforce

By Jolie ShaveCorrespondent In March 2020, President Foster sent out the “inevitable message” that all classes for the remainder of the spring semester would be...

College Union Board makes positive impact with virtual events

By Madison PenaCorrespondent In addition to remote and hybrid learning changing the way students at the College experience courses, the transition is also altering how...

Student YouTubers promote creativity and self-help

By Esther MoralesCorrespondent  After a full year of remote learning and quarantine, many students have found comfort in reignited passions and continue to work towards...

A look at the College’s progress on anti-racism efforts

Institutions have been especially vocal about social injustice since last summer when Black Lives Matter protests gathered in streets worldwide. Among them is the College, where President Foster has released emails with calls to action for the community and where anti-racist organizations were born out of the pressure put on the institution by students who wanted change. 

What virtual teaching means for future educators

By Kaitlyn BonomoCorrespondent The experience that comes with student teaching plays an indispensable role in becoming an educator. Working closely alongside a teacher in a...

Has Biden lived up to his immigration campaign promises?

By Octavia FelicianoCorrespondent With hope sparked by the election of President Joe Biden, migrants from South America are making their way to the U.S.’s southern...

Legislation requiring student debt transparency moving through NJ legislature

Moving through the New Jersey Legislature currently is bill S-1877, which would require institutions of higher education to provide transparency on tuition and fees to prospective and current students.

FSP awards highlight accomplishments of professors, students

In an effort to showcase the valuable contributions that have been made to the First Seminar Program (FSP) within the last two years, four professors were honored at the annual FSP awards on Wednesday, April 21.

College athletes granted extended eligibility in light of pandemic

College sports of all three divisions were canceled via an NCAA announcement last March, in an effort to ensure the events did not contribute to the spread of the pandemic. While fields were left empty and jerseys went unworn, some comfort was given to student athletes when the NCAA announced the extended eligibility rule.

Hideki Matsuyama wins 85th Masters Tournament

By Miles BarksdaleCorrespondent As he calmly walked down the final hole of the Masters Tournament, Hideki Matsuyama exuded a sense of confidence that only 53...

Sexual assault: It’s time to raise awareness

Trigger Warning: the following article discusses sexual assault. Every 73 seconds, an American is assaulted, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this moment could be used to stress a topic that, when understood, could save someone’s life. 

Biden administration plans to control gun violence

In response to a growing number of mass shooting incidents, President Joe Biden discussed his plan to take executive actions against acts of gun violence in a speech in the Rose Garden on April 8. Biden called on members of Congress to join him in his efforts to bring gun control laws.

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