August 13, 2020

Letter from William Green Plantation Committee on recent controversy

June 24, 2020 Signal Contributor 1

“We are aware of the concerns about the Green Plantation. We want to state up front that our group is formed of faculty across a number of departments and is committed to raising awareness about slavery in the northeast. Our intention has always been and is to recover and highlight the lives of formerly enslaved individuals that may have been trafficked through this region.” […]

Non-contact outdoor sports to return to New Jersey

June 8, 2020 Signal Contributor 2

With the arrival of June, New Jersey residents are preparing for an unorthodox summer. Events and social gatherings are still limited and social distancing measures are still being implemented — and many are left wondering what their summer will look like, especially when it comes to seasonal sports. […]

National Mental Health Month takes on new meaning in quarantine

May 23, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

The end of the semester has finally arrived –– a time when most students relax and unwind in the increasingly warm weather. But due to the active pandemic, students can’t enjoy the luxury of going to the beach, movies or even stores without severe restrictions. Other than the end of the semester and the brink of summer, May also brings with it National Mental Health Month. […]

Student organizations struggle to maintain normalcy online

May 6, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Almost every student at the College has been immersed in student organizations — but when the global pandemic forced the College to shut down for the rest of the school year, organizations that depend on meeting in person struggled to continue online. Many students are finding that applications like Zoom or Google Hangouts can only offer so much to fill the lack of fundamental campus equipment, space and technology. […]

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