August 13, 2020

Social distancing is a luxury. A pass/fail option isn’t enough.

April 26, 2020 Signal Contributor 2

COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected every student at the College, but some more than others. The disenfranchised have been left on the outskirts of crucial resources, overlooked as administrators and governors fail to recognize the needs of every community member. This is why I created a petition that encourages the College to do more than just offer a pass/fail option. […]

Lions’ Plate: TikTok’s Whipped Coffee

April 13, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

With a lot of free time on our hands recently, many have resorted to trying out new hobbies. Going on TikTok to stay updated on the latest food and drink recipes has been my favorite way to pass time, and this whipped coffee recipe has taken the app by storm. […]

Netflix makes it reign with ‘Tiger King’ docuseries

April 7, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Zoo operator, politician and reality T.V. star—over the years, Joe Exotic has held quite a few titles. And as “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness” has taken over computer screens and provided some much needed quarantine entertainment, the fan favorite can now add another one to his resume: the King of Netflix. […]

Lions’ Plate: Colorful Pasta Primavera

March 18, 2020 Signal Contributor 1

During this period of self quarantine, it has become increasingly difficult to just run to the store and pick up ingredients for meals. Many believe that frozen food or a bowl of cereal are the their only options, but there are actually some really creative and delicious meals that can be made from ingredients that are already in your kitchen cabinet. It may feel like there is not much to celebrate right now, but cooking is a great way to keep you both occupied and satisfied. […]

Social isolation doesn’t have to be boring

March 17, 2020 Signal Contributor 1

Coronavirus seems to have dominated the country in a matter of days, and students nationwide have been forced to put both their academic and social lives on hold. It is easy to have a negative outlook on this three-week hiatus, but that will not help the time pass any quicker. I have had a difficult time adjusting to this sudden change myself, however, there is a long list of activities for college students to try that will keep you occupied during the long days ahead. […]

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