August 3, 2020

WTSR New Noise

March 9, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

This week, WTSR Music Director Dylan Lembo highlights some of the best new music that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation. […]

Students use body art to promote self-love

March 9, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Growing up, Kayleigh Soucy didn’t like her body. She was bullied for being chubby, but when she started to lose weight, the compliments from her family and peers only fueled an eventual eating disorder and body dysmorphia. That’s why last February, she walked into her local tattoo parlor and was determined to add something beautiful to a part of her body she spent years trying to shrink. […]

Campus Style: Revamp your old wardrobe

March 8, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Students are constantly looking to dress stylish, cool and trendy, whether they are walking to class, meeting up with friends or venturing off-campus. If you’re looking to impress your peers, just look to the back of your closet for clothes that you normally ignore — they are begging to be upcycled. Not only will you look amazing and save money, but the environment will also be catching a break, as the production of fast fashion harms our planet. Utilizing the clothes you already have will prove to be beneficial for all. […]

The science behind the coronavirus

March 8, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

The novel coronavirus stems from a family of viruses that generally cause colds. There have been several coronavirus outbreaks, from the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, MERS-CoV, to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, SARS-CoV. According to the World Health Organization, the current virus is frequently referred to as COVID-19. […]

SFB funds TCNJ’s Got Talent

March 2, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

The Student Finance Board reviewed special appropriations requests from Student Government and the Indian Student Association (ISA), as well as the base budget for the Student Government Class of 2021 in their weekly meeting at 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 26 in room 110 of the Education Building. […]

Controversial topics require open discourse

March 2, 2020 Signal Contributor 1

It’s not easy being a journalist. I have come to this conclusion after delving into a topic long-recognized as challenging by reporters: religion. I explored Hinduism as a conduit for an in-depth analysis of religiosity and Atheism in America, and in the process, my words unintentionally vilified a group of people. […]

Students write for human rights across the globe

March 2, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Whether it be sexism, racism or any other form of discrimination, suppression of human rights is an unfortunate global reality. After hearing about these tragic events, Americans often feel powerless in their ability to reduce the suffering endured by those who live halfway across the globe. Last month, students at the College proved that this doesn’t have to be the case. […]

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