July 9, 2020

Liberal learning requirements limit students’ options

April 27, 2005 Stefanie Pfoutz 0

Since this is my eighth semester here at the College, I would be eligible to write a farewell column.

Of course, that would imply that I am graduating. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I spent several semesters as a music education major before finally getting student teaching experience last fall. […]

Legalizing marijuana would save money, improve lives

April 6, 2005 Stefanie Pfoutz 0

For politicians, abandoning a costly, ineffective program is a lot like retreating in the face of battle. They would rather suffer a crushing and decisive defeat than regroup, change strategy and live to fight another day. This is especially true of the federal government’s expensive and inefficient war on marijuana. […]

Rude behavior on campus is spiraling out of control

March 30, 2005 Stefanie Pfoutz 0

This column was inspired by a rude instant message I received. Out of the blue, someone I’d never met decided to tell me one of my columns was “bad” and I was “fucking stupid” for writing it.

It got me thinking about rudeness in general and how prevalent it is across campus. […]

Funding Planned Parenthood should be a priority

March 2, 2005 Stefanie Pfoutz 0

By the time this column is published, Acting Gov. Richard Codey will have already submitted his budget proposal for the 2006 fiscal year.

Programs that have not spent money wisely will feel the squeeze, but we cannot put that same squeeze on programs that have already used their meager funds frugally. […]