August 7, 2020

Environmental education on the rise at College

March 28, 2017 Thomas Infante 0

February’s higher-than-average-temperature correlates with a larger global pattern of climate change. Last year was the hottest year on record — the third consecutive year to break the yearly temperature record, according to NASA and NOAA.

With two minors and the Environmental Club, there are a few ways students can become more environmentally conscious. […]

The Shins experiment with new sound on ‘Heartworms’

March 20, 2017 Thomas Infante 0

Although Mercer has not lost his talent for quirky lyrics and catchy musical arrangements, he has abandoned much of the edgier indie rock inspirations of The Shins’s first few albums. “Heartworms,” in contrast, has more of a pop-influenced sound with some psychedelic and electronic elements that take some minor risks with the band’s tried-and-true sound. […]

Students should stay in touch

February 26, 2017 Thomas Infante 0

By Thomas Infante Arts & Entertainment Editor Life at the College can feel all-consuming at times. The average college student’s busy life can make it easy to fall into a pattern. Showing up to classes, […]

Speaker criticizes US criminal justice system

February 21, 2017 Thomas Infante 0

An esteemed criminologist spoke in the Library Auditorium on Wednesday, Feb. 15, about the increase in incarcerations, racism in criminal justice and the decrease in crime in a presentation entitled “The Changing Environment for Criminal Justice Reform.”

Scott Fried shines light on AIDS epidemic

December 7, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

When you’re young, you often feel invincible. Those who are fortunate enough to be in good health often shrug off risky behavior with no further reasoning than “Nothing bad will happen to me.” Scott Fried had the same thought the first time that he had unsafe sex with another man. As he would later find out, he was wrong. […]

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