August 13, 2020

Underrated rapper stands ground with hip-hop giants

November 15, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

Rashad is not a name that is immediately recognizable to most. Hailing from Chattanooga, Tenn., 25-year-old Isaiah Rashad McClain has been on the verge of rap stardom since the release of his debut EP “Cilvia” in March 2014. The buzz from the EP even earned him a spot in the 2014 XXL magazine’s “freshman class” of the best up and coming rappers. […]

Students weigh in on the 2016 election

October 31, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

The 2016 presidential election has been a contentious one and is the first presidential election in which current students at the College are able to vote. However, many are simply too bewildered to even form a real opinion about the candidates.

Speaker tells story of ‘Five Thousand Miles’ to recovery

September 26, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

Students gathered in the Library Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 22, and waited quietly for someone to begin speaking. The solemn atmosphere matched the similarly serious subject matter that would be discussed during the night. The presentation, titled “Five Thousand Miles,” by Rob Shearon, told the story of how he drove from Colorado to Alaska on a scooter in an effort to find peace after years of struggling with addiction. […]

Will Allen encourages an ‘agricultural revolution’

September 12, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

Kendall Hall was buzzing with excitement on Wednesday, Sept. 7, for keynote speaker Will Allen. Many of the students who attended the event were familiar with his book “The Good Food Revolution,” which is being used as a textbook in certain history classes at the College and was the summer reading for the freshman class. […]

Frank Ocean releases new album

August 30, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

By Thomas Infante Review Editor Frank Ocean has become somewhat of an enigma of the music industry. His first album, 2012’s “Channel Orange,” received rave reviews, earning Ocean a Grammy Award and several nominations. While […]

‘Vagina Monologues’ returns to campus

February 23, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

Brave, charismatic and angry are not three words that are traditionally considered synonymous with “vagina.” However, The Vagina Monologues is far from a normal production. The show’s raw language and thought-provoking subject matter forced the audience to think about the vagina in both a literal and a symbolic sense, and the result is quite different than any other theater experience. […]

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