July 7, 2020

SGA approves Student Activities Fee increase

April 16, 2008 Maham Qureshi 0

The Student Government Association (SGA) passed a resolution calling for an increase in the Student Activities Fee (SAF) for the 2008-2009 school year. After the resolution was tabled for further discussion and a vote at the previous week’s meeting, it passed with only four votes against it at the April 9 meeting. […]

Montclair SGA stops student newspaper

January 30, 2008 Michelle McGuinness and Megan 0

In a controversial decision that some believe could have repercussions for college media across the state, the Student Government Association (SGA) of Montclair State University halted printing for the first Spring issue of the student newspaper.

The editors of The Montclarion discovered their budget was frozen, preventing them from printing, on Tuesday, Jan. […]

Students deem building plan ill fit

April 11, 2007 Megan DeMarco 0

Since the College made its Master Building Plan available in a presentation on Wednesday, March 28, students and faculty have criticized the plan. Some students, specifically those involved in club and intramural sports, have even started a petition disagreeing with the plan. […]

Students choose own education

April 11, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

The self-designed major program was introduced to the Student Government Administration (SGA) at its April 4 meeting. The program, presented by Richard Kamber, professor of philosophy and religion, allows students to obtain a bachelor’s degree in either an interdisciplinary concentration or a major that is not offered by the College. […]

Alternate Student Trustee

April 11, 2007 Joseph Hannan 0

Drew Rausa

Drew Rausa, currently a senator at-Large in the SGA, plans on maintaining “a strong student voice in all aspects of the term.”

“I intend to bring the voice of the students through in an effective and appropriate manner that cannot be ignored,” Rausa said. […]

Cullen praises student leaders

March 21, 2007 Joseph Hannan 31

Executive representatives from the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Finance Board (SFB) recapped SGA endeavors and presented future plans for the College on the evening of March 6 at the annual State of the Campus Address. The address was delivered in the Cromwell Hall main lounge and was open to the general student body. […]

Student vote absent

November 15, 2006 Meagan DeMarco 0

Voter registration at the College was problematic this year because Student Government Association (SGA) members were unable to move into the College earlier due to budget cuts.

Michael Strom, SGA vice president of Legal and Governmental Affairs, said SGA members were not allowed to move in a week earlier than everyone else, as they had in previous years, due to budget cuts. […]

Student rights resolution passed to voice disapproval of Campus Police

November 8, 2006 Joseph Hannan 0

The Resolution Reaffirming Student Rights passed by a unanimous vote at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting last week. The vote was initially delayed for a week due to semantic concerns that were brought forth by Drew Rausa, senator-at-Large.

Michael Levy, vice president of Administration and Finance, touted the resolution as a means of reaching out to students at the College and said that “we do have rights as students. […]

Introduction to leaders in student government

August 24, 2006 Signal Editorial Staff 0

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a body of elected student leaders. According to their website, tcnj.edu/~sga, “(SGA) is a group of students working to represent and advocate for” undergraduate students at the College.

SGA works to address student concerns through its committee and general body meetings. […]

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