August 13, 2020

From rocking chairs to hallways, knitting makes a comeback

February 2, 2005 Tim Fox 0

On any given night, along the faintly lit hallways on the second floor of Wolfe Hall, freshman residents can be found quietly enjoying their leisure time together. But these students don’t crowd the hallways just to socialize – they come to knit.

Freshmen, especially, tend to have more free time as they are just beginning to find a home for themselves at the College. […]

Tutoring Center looking to keep alumni in touch

February 2, 2005 Tricia Tirella 0

The Tutoring Center is now reaching beyond helping the College’s students. An upcoming alumni chapter will allow both graduates and current students to build upon post-graduate experiences and stay connected.

Diane Gruenberg, coordinator of the Humanities and Social Sciences Tutoring Services and advisor of College Development and Alumni Affairs, had the idea for an alumni chapter. […]

New exhibit seeks to transport art enthusiasts back to 1855

February 2, 2005 Kristina Cossaboon 0

Last Wednesday night, Holman Hall was abuzz with students seeking good food, music and a marvelous collection of art. The College’s Art Gallery opened its doors to present this year’s blockbuster event, Circa 1855. The collection, featuring American, French and Japanese work, from roughly 1835 to 1875, offered something for everyone. […]

English professor selected as Story Prize Award finalist

February 2, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

In today’s competitive writing world, it’s no easy task to get your work published. Cathy Day, assistant professor of English, however, managed not only to have her first book published last year, but also to be nationally recognized for it. Day’s collection of short stories, “The Circus in Winter,” which chronicles the lives of the performers of the Great Porter Circus, was selected as one of three finalists competing for The Story Prize Award. […]

She likes hers with lettuce, tomato … and six pounds of meat

January 26, 2005 Tammy Tibbetts 0

Who knew downing a six-pound hamburger in just under three hours could be someone’s claim to fame? Kate Stelnick, freshman early education major, certainly never dreamed it would be hers.

Weighing in at only 115 pounds, Stelnick showed just how deceiving appearances can be when she was the first person to ever win a Pennsylvania pub’s long-standing challenge to eat a six-pound burger topped with five pounds of fixings. […]

Shape up your time and space for the new semester

January 26, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

Any dorm-dwellers serious about rearranging their rooms could speak to one of the College’s engineering majors. Freshman mechanical engineering major Randy Reali reorganized his 13- x 13.5- foot Wolfe Hall dorm using ProEngineer, a computer program that came with one of his engineering books. […]

Spring may be near, but winter fashions are still here

January 26, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

As much as the College’s students may be ready for spring, this past weekend’s weather was a reminder that winter has a couple months of life left in it. And while many stores have already started to put out their spring fashion lines, there’s still plenty of time to keep wearing your favorite winter trends and even pick up on some new ones. […]

‘Halo 2’ proves that video gamse aren’t just for kids

January 26, 2005 Ben Leach 0

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, you know that “Halo” is much more than what’s hanging from the corner of Sugar Ray’s four-post bed. “Halo,” Microsoft’s most successful video game available for X-Box, is a first-person-shooter with incredible graphics, fast-paced action, a movie-quality storyline and a multi-player mode that has redefined what it means to have a multi-player mode in a game. […]

Wreathmaking champion knows how to decorate

December 8, 2004 Ben Leach 0

There are many traditions that come to mind when decorating for the holidays. Some of the more popular ones are a Christmas tree in the living room, lights adorning the outside of the house and a festive wreath hanging on the front door. When it comes to wreaths, though, students may not realize that the state wreathmaking champion attends this very school. […]

Organizations share holiday traditions at Snowfest ’04

December 8, 2004 Samantha Kennedy 0

The College officially kicked off the holiday season last Thursday with Snowfest ’04, a community service and social event combined with a celebration of different cultures.

The event, which was started in 1988 by College Union Board and the Student Government Association (SGA), highlights the diversity of the campus. […]

Love it or hate it, the facebook has taken campus by storm

December 8, 2004 Candida DeFonseca 0

Are you on thefacebook? The College, along with 293 other schools, is part of this Web site.

Features include profiles and updatable photos, lists of favorite movies, music and books, “groups,” course lists, political views, relationship status and, of course, a list of everyone’s friends both at the College and any other facebooked school. […]

Racing in the streets — student runs 26-mile marathon

December 8, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

For many students at the College, the most strenuous form of exercise they get is running to class. Some probably have not even run a mile since fitness testing in high school and most of us could never even imagine running a marathon, but that’s just what Daniel Adami, junior mechanical engineering major, did last month. […]

Film documents healing of female inmates

December 8, 2004 Zac Goldstein 0

“We’re not monsters. We’ve just made bad choices.” These are the words of Robin Easterling, a former inmate at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton. Easterling, along with fellow inmates Melvina McClain and Midge DeLuca, is the subject of “Freedom Road,” a documentary produced by Lorna Johnson, assistant professor of communications studies at the College. […]

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