August 13, 2020

Staff sgt. proves African-American women are vital part of military

December 1, 2004 Ben Leach 0

The current war in Iraq is the focus of plenty of media attention. The public constantly hears and reads about the American casualties, the protests against the war on the homefront and other negative aspects that naturally accompany any war.

Very rarely is the public made aware of the good work that is being done in Iraq to bring the country closer to democracy. […]

Symphony of sounds fills the campus with ensemble performances

December 1, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

Every semester there’s at least a handful of concerts on campus that a large portion of the College’s students are unaware of. Maybe it’s because these concerts don’t feature recording artists like Kevin Lyttle or LESS THAN JAKE. Or maybe it’s because these concerts take place in the actual Music Building instead of Packer or Kendall Hall. […]

College professor appointed commander of military hospital

December 1, 2004 Paige Nestel 0

Perhaps the military is in her blood. After all, her father did serve in the Navy during World War II. Perhaps she simply happened upon it by chance, her interest piqued by a graduate school classmate who was a member of the reserves.

Either way, Col. Leslie Rice, a full-time nursing professor at the College and an Army Nurse Corps reservist for the past 25 years, has dedicated herself to a lifetime of service – and is more than happy to do so. […]

Music and dance help promote cultural awareness on campus

December 1, 2004 Lauren Brescia 0

Anyone who walked through Brower Student Center on Nov. 15 was probably blown away by the number of people and the amount of noise filling it, due to the Black Student Union’s (BSU) Cultural Day.

In an effort to bring a diverse atmosphere to the College, BSU held the upbeat event to educate students about the cultures of the African Diaspora. […]

Bracelet sale raises cancer awareness

December 1, 2004 Tammy Tibbetts 0

As Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) showed in a fundraiser for breast cancer research, charity and fashion literally go hand-in-hand. The sorority sold pink rubber bracelets imprinted with the slogan “BULLISH ON FINDING A CURE” across campus in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. […]

Step team keeps Cultural Day on the beat

December 1, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

Two days of cultural festivities culminated in a Black Student Union (BSU) sponsored- performance on Nov. 16 by Step Afrika, a dance and step team that specializes in combining modern hip-hop and traditional African movements.

The performance, which took place in the Kendall Hall main theater, featured Zakiya Harris, Aisha Lord, Darrius Gourdine, Paul Woodruff, Jason Nious and Brian McCollum, members of the team who have different backgrounds and career goals, but a shared love of stepping. […]

Actor criticizes media stereotypes of Asian-Americans

December 1, 2004 Becky Barrett 0

Thirty-one-year-old actor Parry Shen does not speak with an accent or deliver Chinese food, although television and movies lead America to believe this is what Asian-Americans do.

“People shape their outlooks on movies,” Shen said in a presentation with the Asian American Association (AAA) on Nov. […]

Students learn to defend themselves against predators

December 1, 2004 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Students gained an understanding of the frequency of sexual assaults and were also able to participate in hands-on demonstrations in order to learn to defend themselves at a self-defense workshop held on campus Nov. 18.

Junior Jake Levy, head instructor of the Martial Arts Club, emphasized that brute force is not necessarily the best thing to use during his class. […]

Autumn Angel combines pageantry with philanthropy

November 17, 2004 Paige Nestel 0

Last Wednesday night, women representing a number of the College’s clubs and organizations participated in a pageant based not on swimsuits, formal wear and appearance, but on strength, intelligence and character.

This year’s Autumn Angel, the fifth annual pageant sponsored by Theta Phi Alpha, pitted 14 women against each other in a number of events. […]

Asian-American stereotypes questioned at True Colors

November 17, 2004 David Rout 24

When it comes to issues of race in America, it’s not always so black and white.

Asian-Americans and other minorities fall victim to the same kinds of racism as African Americans, according to members of the Asian American Association (AAA), who spoke at AAA’s True Colors event last Thursday night. […]

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