July 8, 2020

Campaign ’04: The Final Days–Commentary

October 20, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

I find it difficult to grasp the fact that, like any other day, Nov. 2 will come and go and that this vicious campaign for the presidency will actually end. It seems as if we have been living with it forever, watching it, breathing quick and biting our nails. […]

Local candidates prepare for Township Council elections

October 20, 2004 Bryan Wassel 0

In addition to being Election Day for the presidential race, Nov. 2 also marks the election for the Ewing Township Council. The current Democratic majority seeks to hold onto its position, while the Republicans, who held only one seat last year, seek to become the majority in the council for the first time in a decade. […]

Online dating service matches users by musical tastes

October 20, 2004 Monique Reuben 0

It’s Saturday night and your roommate has a big date. You, however, remain confined in your stuffy room. “Why don’t I have a date?” you wonder. Maybe it is because you have yet to experience gorillapop.com, a new online dating service that matches individuals based on their musical preferences. […]

Fit for a King and Queen

October 20, 2004 Paige Nestel 0

Oct. 10 to 16 marked a week of intense spirit, excitement and competition among students at the College as they took part in the annual Homecoming festivities.

Members from various campus clubs, Greek organizations and club sports teams participated in seven events throughout the week, culminating in Saturday’s Parade Fest and football game against Western Connecticut State University. […]

Sibling sleepover makes college a family affair

October 20, 2004 Tammy Tibbetts 0

Meaghan Fleck spent last Friday night like any College student might: she ate a not-so-delicious dinner at Eickhoff Dining Hall, watched a movie in the residence hall and later played Dance Dance Revolution down the hall.

What makes Meaghan’s night so unusual, however, is that she’s only nine years old. […]

Commuter students experience the best of both worlds

October 20, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

In one of the many hidden corners of Brower Student Center, you can find the home of the Off-Campus Student Organization (OCSO). The small lounge, equipped with a computer, television, microwave, refrigerator and plenty of seating space is home away from home for the College’s commuter students. […]

Ehrenreich on poverty, activism and politics

October 13, 2004 Kristina Fiore 0

Barbara Ehrenreich appeals to college students. She opens her Community Learning Day keynote address with remarks about underage drinking.

“Make it legal,” she insists in a common-sense tone that is condescending to policy makers.

Students cheer to that. […]

Lecture brings Hogwarts magic to the College

October 13, 2004 Sean Curry 0

What college student’s bookshelf is complete without a copy of one or more of the Harry Potter books? Ask any student at the College – if a student doesn’t already own a copy of at least one of the books, he or she has probably read at least one if not more. […]

Students living off campus play house

October 13, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

For most students at the College, the most important day of spring is the day the housing lottery information is posted. As students take a look at the list, they have mixed reactions. The freshmen have it pretty easy, because if they get numbers between 555 and 612, they still know they will be living on campus, even if it will be in the worst residence halls. […]

50 years later — Brown decision continues to inspire

October 13, 2004 Kristen Evans 0

Examining the history of the breakthrough Brown v. Board of Education case, last Thursday’s lecture on “The Historical Context of the Brown Decisions” proved to be thought-provoking and eye-opening for many students.

The lecture was part of a series of events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decision. […]

Students struck with information at tcnj.dailyjolt.com

October 13, 2004 Paige Nestel 0

Are you tired of self-congratulatory press releases and countdown clocks from the College? Are you a freshman who wants to be down with the College lingo? Need a cure for that vicious hangover? Looking for the perfect online game to keep you from starting a huge project or paper?

If so, you aren’t alone. […]

Same-sex couples say ‘I do’ in support of gay rights

October 13, 2004 Tom Dunford 0

The presidential candidates debated the issue of gay marriage in Cleveland, students assembled in the Social Sciences Building atrium Wednesday afternoon to bear witness to the mock marriages of four same-sex couples.

The event, held for the second time at the College, was organized by the Gay Union of Trenton State at The College of New Jersey (GUTS) with the intention of increasing understanding of same-sex marriage. […]

Students lay all their cards on the table

October 6, 2004 Erin Black 0

On a quiet weeknight on Wolfe 10, five-dollar bills are being collected and counted. Unlike other nights in the week, however, the money is not being used for fast food or beer. It’s for a poker game.

Poker has exploded in popularity over the past year. […]

When it comes to gambling — AC is the place to be

October 6, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

Everyone knows that one of New Jersey’s main attractions lies deep in the south of the state: Atlantic City. Seen as a playground for adults, Atlantic City features 14 casinos where you can spend your hard-earned money. And although you can only start playing the slots once you turn 21, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be up on your knowledge of the way things work in Atlantic City. […]

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