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SAI invites students to discussion about protest music

Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI), the College’s international music fraternity, held an event on Nov. 5 that focused on the soundtracks to protests throughout the ages. The event was designed to examine modern protest music and how they relate to the present day. 

Protests erupt among Jewish communities in response to Cuomo’s re-enforced lockdowns

New lockdowns have been met with protests across numerous sections of the city, with Jewish leaders calling the moves targeted antisemitism against Jews in the city.

Tensions escalate as federal officials intervene in nationwide protests

By Jesse StillerNation & World Editor Clashes between federal officials and protesters fighting against police brutality began in Portland, Oregon, leading to tense scenes in...

College’s response to death of George Floyd leaves students dissatisfied

Zane Thompson-Bradley broke down as he tried to speak. In the video call with over a hundred other participants, silence remained on every other end. “I have to risk my life just to voice my opinion,” he said between cries. And there, others wept with him.

Anti-Government protests in Beirut turn violent

On Saturday Jan. 18, the Beirut demonstrations led by hundreds of anti-government protesters faced tear gas and water cannons unleashed by the Lebanese police in what is being described as the finale to a “week of rage.” This is the culmination of many months of government adversaries petitioning officials for change, according to CNN.

‘Slut Walk’ aims to extinguish rape culture

Students dressed in outfits ranging from alluring dresses to jeans and tank tops joined together in a march across campus on Thursday, Sept. 27. Slut Walk, an annual protest initiated by the Women in Learning and Leadership Program in 2013, works to raise awareness of campus rape culture and the fast-growing number of sexual assaults on college campuses worldwide.

Students make case against Bible Believers

Members of the radical religious group known as the Bible Believers came to the College on April 12, wielding signs that displayed hateful and discriminatory language.

Radical religious group occupies Alumni Grove, students resist

Waving gay and transgender pride flags, handmade signs, and for some women, their own shirts, students rallied together to show representatives from the conservative religious group Bible Believers that the College community will not tolerate hateful speech.

Students ‘take a knee’ in peaceful protest

At approximately 1:15 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21, students gathered in front of Trenton Hall to form a peaceful protest group and speak out about the marginalization of minorities.

Classic Signals: Professors protest against state

Professors and faculty at the College went on strike in 1974 because the state refused their proposals. Production Manager Brielle Bryan spoke to faculty members who protested working under expired contracts on April 12.

Students protest College’s disconnection with Trenton

Members of the TCNJ Committee on Unity engaged in a sit-in for over 24 hours to fight the closure of the TCNJ Clinic and support of renaming Paul Loser Hall.

University president resigns after racial tensions intensify

President Tim Wolfe and media professor Melissa Click resigned from the University of Missouri amidst heightened tensions.

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