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SGA passes bill to revise the College’s registration policy

An uncommon emotional moment occurred for SGA on Wednesday as Marco Zelaya, vice president of legal and governmental affairs, surprised members by announcing his resignation from his position for personal reasons.

Delivering a heartfelt speech to fellow members, Zelaya recalled memories and achievements he had in his time spent with SGA. He then spoke personally to each member of the executive board.

After Zelaya’s speech, Chris Portera, SGA president, informed members that Nadia Gorski, executive vice president, would fill the position until the next elections.

A Registration and Transcript Holds Bill, brought forward by the academic affairs committee, was passed at the meeting. The bill suggested changing in the way students are notified about holds during the registration period.

One suggestion the bill offers is to “encourage the implementation of clearly defining holds on TESS” to eliminate future student confusion.

Another point of the bill, was to “encourage the implementation of notifying students at least one week prior to registration” so that students affected by holds have time to either pay their bills or get the problem sorted out.

Christina Puglia, vice president of community relations, announced that TCNJ Holiday was recognized for the National Community Service Program of the Month for Dec. 2002.

TCNJ Holiday previously won the Regional Community Service Program of the Month award by the National Residence Hall Honorary.

Puglia said this national recognition is a great honor for her, the community relations committee and all who organized the event. Puglia thanked everyone who participated and helped to organize this holiday tradition at the College.

Portera announced that SGA would be addressing Gov. McGreevey’s recent N.J. budget cuts, which slashed higher education funding.

The 14 percent cut at the College has threatened the OSRP scholarship program, which is the program that provides scholarships for many incoming students based on SAT scores and GPA on entry.

President R. Barbara Gitenstein has given SGA full support for taking on this concern and to act as student advocates. Nadia Gorski will be organizing students to write letters expressing concerns about the budget cuts, as well as lobbying for changes.


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