October 20, 2020

Lacrosse defeats Rutgers

March 25, 2003 Ricky Klittich 0

The College’s men’s club lacrosse team defeated the Rutgers University’s club team, 13-11, on Sunday, improving to 2-0 this season.

“This is a big game because we only have two home games,” Senior attackman and coach Keith Glock said. “Rutgers is a division opponent and in order to make the playoffs, you have to win your division. […]

Men’s Tennis defeats Haverford

March 25, 2003 Matt Boyd 0

Men’s tennis was victorious against Haverford in a dual-match, winning by a score of 5-2 in action last Wednesday.

The Lions’ (10-5) performance was highlighted by senior Marc Hill, who won his first singles match, 6-2, 6-2 and junior Bryan Hanley, who scored a 6-0, 6-1 rout in second singles. […]

Lions eat Red Dragons for dinner in home opener

March 25, 2003 Christopher Weir 0

The Lion’s women’s lacrosse team won their home opener on Saturday by defeating SUNY Cortland 19-4. The Lions are ranked third in Division III. Head coach Sharon Pfluger was pleased with the Lions (2-0) performance.

“If I had to say one thing about today, it would be that we played well together,” Pfluger said. […]

Lions increase winning streak to 6, 13-3 overall

March 25, 2003 Lauren Kidd 0

The Lions pushed their winning streak to six as they bested the University of Rochester for the third time in two days, capping off a triumphant first weekend of home play.

The Lions (13-3) took on Rochester in a Sunday doubleheader, shutting out the Yellow Jackets 5-0 in the opening game, behind the one-hit pitching performance of sophomore Jessica Donohue. […]

Spring sports, yo!

March 25, 2003 Lindsay Scarborough 0

As the snow melts and the days grow longer, the College sports teams take to the fields, diamonds and tracks. During a season that may include anything from snow to heat waves, the College’s athletes are diligently preparing for upcoming competition.

The Lions’ women’s lacrosse team has traditionally been one of the most dominating forces in Division III. […]

College wins 7-2, causes Stars to fall

March 25, 2003 copress 0

It might seem like just another victory for the 10-2-1 Lions this season, but to the College’s baseball players and coach, Sunday’s 7-2 win over Dominican was a lot more.

“This was a much bigger win for us than a lot of the others because it was so close,” Junior Julius Jenkins, pitcher, said. […]

I want my MTV, not excessive coverage of Iraq

March 25, 2003 John Kell 0

It’s Wednesday night, and I have about an hour to kill before my 11-2 security shift. I knew I wasn’t going to get any work accomplished, so I turned on the television. I channel surf all the way up to channel 71 to find MTV not playing videos, as usual, but “Sorority Life 2. […]

Foreign languages aid careers, globalization

March 25, 2003 Dr. Adriana Rosman-Askot 0

The College is committed to providing an education that will propel its students into professional and personal success and fulfillment. The College prides itself on this point, endeavoring always to offer its students every educational opportunity. This commitment is articulated in the College’s Mission statement. […]

Hell no, we won’t go or stop protesting war

March 25, 2003 Matt Richman 0

After President Bush has proceeded with war, ignoring all dissent (as not to be ruled by focus groups), the storm of protest has been immense. On the morning after the war began, people took to the streets to express their displeasure with the Bush administration’s actions. […]

Budget cuts sit pretty with few N.J. residents

March 25, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

Under Governors Kean and Whitman, New Jersey established a reputation as a business-friendly state with a record of job growth and balanced budgets, but not anymore. I’ve seen Gov. McGreevey’s budget proposal for 2004. Even considering current economic circumstances, it’s not pretty. […]

College proposes elimination of honors program

March 25, 2003 Raj Rajaraman 0

The Task Force on Positioning proposed eliminating the honors program among other ways to move the College forward.

The Task Force met with Lipman Hearne Integrated Marketing, whose recommendations were weighed when the Task Force wrote its positioning platform and rationale. […]

Prague trip puts war in perspective for students

March 25, 2003 Tom Vourtsis 0

Members of the College’s women’s and gender studies program and visiting scholars spoke to a crowd of students at “Gender, Nation, Democracy: A Symposium” in the Business Building Lounge Thursday. The symposium was composed of two sessions and a keynote address. […]

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